New Jersey Autograph Signing Event Hosted By Giants QB Tommy Devito

Wagswoofs  –  Tommy DeVito, also known as Tommy Cutlets, is becoming quite the legend in Wayne, N.J. His recent appearance at a local sandwich shop on Tuesday night only added to his growing reputation.

DeVito, the undrafted quarterback who has started the past three games for the New York Giants (and won two of them), attracted a huge crowd that extended all the way around the strip mall where Primo Hoagies is located.

Fans flocked to the event, eagerly seeking autographs from their local legend. They came armed with shoes, hats, helmets, classic white Jersey Tank Tops, and even homemade No. 15 DeVito jerseys. The range of requests spanned from TD to Tommy Cutlets to Jersey Juice signatures.

Of course, many people insisted on taking a picture while doing the classic Italian pinched fingers hand gesture in the air that seems to have become DeVito’s signature celebration.

Danny DeVito’s appearance was initially planned for a two-hour session, but due to overwhelming demand, he graciously extended his stay for an extra hour. This allowed him to personally ensure that every single attendee had the opportunity to receive an autograph from him.

As the last group eagerly awaited their sandwiches, a passionate fan shouted, urging everyone to “give it up for the legendary cutlet king!” The atmosphere was reminiscent of moments usually reserved for the most revered figures in New York sports, or even reminiscent of the fervor surrounding Jeremy Lin.

“It’s all about having fun at the end of the day,” said DeVito in an interview with ESPN. “During the bye week, I’m taking the opportunity to enjoy the fans and give back a little. Let’s embrace the positive energy while it lasts.”

The excitement surrounding DeVito has been fueled by his impressive performance, throwing six touchdown passes and only one interception in his three starts. Following back-to-back victories against the Washington Commanders and the New England Patriots, the Giants are currently in their bye week.

On the field, the Giants can be seen doing the pinched fingers celebration, showcasing their unity and camaraderie. Even star running back Saquon Barkley joins in the fun, using the nickname “Tommy Cutlets” and energetically shouting “Jersey!” to describe his talented teammate.

It was only fitting that a sandwich shop in New Jersey played host to a DeVito autograph appearance.

The legend of DeVito extends beyond his success as a star quarterback, leading his team to a state championship at Don Bosco Prep in New Jersey. What sets him apart is his journey after not getting selected in this year’s draft – he persevered and joined the practice squad. Initially, he wasn’t expected to start this season due to being behind Daniel Jones and Tyrod Taylor.

Jones and Taylor sustained injuries, which led to DeVito assuming a starting role.

And, of course, DeVito also wholeheartedly embraces his Italian heritage and the joy of living at home, where he has the privilege of indulging in his mom’s mouthwatering chicken cutlets.

“It was an easy decision for me,” DeVito shared with ESPN ahead of his first start, discussing his choice to live with his parents. “I have everything I need right there at home. Being a rookie in this level of football, especially as a quarterback, can be quite overwhelming. There’s a lot to handle, with numerous meetings and responsibilities. Thankfully, my family takes care of everything outside of football, allowing me to focus on the game.”

When I arrive at my destination, I am relieved to find that I don’t have to concern myself with mundane tasks like laundry or deciding what to have for dinner. My mom still takes care of making my bed, ensuring that everything is in order for me. It’s such a luxury to have everything handled for me. In fact, I’m not even sure if I could find a place that is closer to where I currently live. The commute only takes me 12 minutes, which is incredibly convenient.

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