New Jersey Deploys Cops Sent To Dumped Migrants To NYC In An Unexpected Move

Wagswoofs – New Jersey officials are taking proactive measures to prevent the overflow of migrants from burdening the state. In fact, they are going as far as deploying police officers to guide asylum seekers from the US border onto NJ Transit trains bound for Manhattan immediately upon their arrival by bus.

The conflict over the Hudson River arises as Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey attempts to bring together the state’s mayors in a united effort, while Mayor Eric Adams of New York City appeals to Murphy to share the responsibility of addressing the overwhelming influx of migrants in the five boroughs.

According to a source familiar with the matter, New Jersey has taken a decisive stance on the issue. “New Jersey just said, f–k this,” the source stated candidly. It appears that New Jersey Transit police were present in Secaucus to guide them on how to board the train to New York.

According to multiple sources in New Jersey, the past few days have been quite chaotic as around twenty migrant buses arrived at train stations. These buses were accompanied by “chaperones,” and NJ Transit cops took over from there, acting as guides to help nearly 1,000 asylum seekers cross the river. The scene was described as hectic and bustling with activity.

The process has been incredibly successful thus far, as not a single migrant has opted to remain in Jersey.

According to data reviewed by The Post, over the course of Saturday, 23 buses transported a total of 1,017 asylum seekers to New Jersey. Out of this number, 953 individuals proceeded to board trains headed for Manhattan, while the remaining individuals went to various other destinations.

Last week, Adams took a significant step in addressing the ongoing crisis by issuing an executive order that aims to restrict the number of migrant buses entering the country. This order specifically targets buses coming from the Texas border, where the majority of them originate.

Adams insisted on receiving a 32-hour prior notice before the buses make their way into Manhattan. Moreover, they are only allowed to do so at a specific location on West 41st Street, and that too, strictly between 8:30 a.m. and noon.

Charter bus companies found a way around the restrictions placed by Adams. Instead of directly transporting the migrants to Manhattan, they have been dropping them off at various stations in New Jersey, including Secaucus, Fanwood, Edison, and Trenton. From there, the migrants are directed to take transit trains bound for Manhattan. This loophole allows the charter bus companies to bypass Adams’ order.

Deputy Mayor Fabien Levy of New York City emphasized that the Adams administration had made significant efforts to connect with “every town” along the transit line to ensure a smooth transition for the suburbs.

Local government officials in Jersey expressed their surprise at the news, stating that they had not been given any prior notice.

According to spokesperson Kayla Mamelak, City Hall admitted that they couldn’t predict where Governor Abbott would decide to send migrants before the order was given. This is why they are continuing their outreach to additional localities.

Adams has been actively encouraging neighboring municipalities that have convenient access to New York City to join his cause in issuing orders to limit arrival times. Unfortunately, his appeals have not been heard or taken into consideration.

According to staffers, he had a scheduled phone meeting with Murphy this week, but both sides are unwilling to confirm whether the conversation actually took place.

During a press conference on Wednesday, Murphy informed reporters that his state would persist in redirecting migrants to Manhattan. He emphasized that New York City offers significant federal support and access to resources, making it an ideal destination for migrants.

He added that he expects the situation to remain manageable.

Murphy’s remarks on federal aid may come as a surprise to New York, where Adams and Governor Kathy Hochul have been appealing to the White House for assistance in addressing the crisis.

Local officials in New Jersey have expressed their concerns about their limited capacity to accommodate the influx of migrants.

Secaucus Town Administrator Gary Jeffas expressed his confusion, stating, “It just doesn’t make any sense.”

Jeffas expressed his concern about the unpredictable arrival of buses at the train station. He questioned how they would be able to manage the situation and ensure that there are staff members present to redirect the buses. According to Jeffas, a solution that goes beyond the current system in Secaucus is needed.

According to sources, Adams reportedly wanted to urge Murphy to issue an executive order similar to the one he successfully implemented in New York City. However, during a conference call between New Jersey state and local officials on Wednesday, the topic never arose.

“It’s a completely different experience in New Jersey, where buses regularly arrive at train stations,” Jeffas remarked. “Here, any bus that comes to the train station has to make a stop.”

He added, “How can we determine their arrival time so that we can have people ready to reject them? Unfortunately, we don’t have centers that operate around the clock.”

Since the spring of 2022, an astounding 162,000 migrants have made their way to New York City, causing a substantial strain on city shelters and finances. This overwhelming influx has prompted City Hall to make regrettable cuts in services as they struggle to address the crisis.

A lot of them are coming from Texas, where Gov. Greg Abbott keeps sending migrants who cross into the Lone Star State to places that protect children, like New York and Chicago.

Late last week, Abbott bragged online that he had sent 95,000 asylum seekers north, including 33,600 to New York since August 2022, and that he would keep doing so.

“Safe haven cities like New York and Chicago have seen a small part of what border towns in Texas face every day,” he wrote on X. “Our transportation mission will go on until Biden changes his mind about his open border policies.”

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