New York Man Who Served 37 Years In Prison For Killing Two Men Released After Conviction Overturned

Wagswoofs –  After spending 37 years behind bars, a man from New York has finally been set free following the overturning of his conviction for the shooting deaths of two individuals in the 1980s.

Michael Rhynes was released from the Attica Correctional Facility on Tuesday afternoon after attending a court hearing in Rochester, as reported by the Democrat and Chronicle.

Michelle Miller, Rhynes’ daughter, revealed to the newspaper that she had never witnessed her father’s presence outside the walls of prison.

“This is going to be my very first birthday, my first Christmas, and my first New Year’s with my father out of prison,” she excitedly shared. “I believe today is the first time I’ve truly felt joy. I mean, in my entire life. It feels surreal, like I’m living in a dream.”

In a recent development, Acting State Supreme Court Justice Stephen Miller made a significant decision by overturning Rhynes’ murder conviction from 1986. This decision came after two crucial witnesses, who had been incarcerated with Rhynes in the past, recanted their previous testimonies.

The individual, who is now 62 years old, faced charges linked to the murder of two individuals during a failed robbery at Rico’s Restaurant in Rochester back in 1984.

However, there was little evidence against Rhynes. The newspaper reported that there were no DNA, fingerprints, or witnesses that could place him at the scene. Initially, prosecutors were even considering dropping the charges, but the trial judge encouraged them to continue with the case.

Miller, Rhynes’ daughter, expressed her gratitude for the present despite acknowledging that they can never reclaim the lost years, hours, and minutes of the past. She emphasized that the journey has been challenging, yet she remains thankful.

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