New York Man’s Vibrant Underwear Leads To Arrest For Queens Smoke Shop Robbery

Wagswoofs  –  A vigilant tipster played a crucial role in the capture of one of the three suspects involved in an armed robbery at a smoke shop in New York City over a year ago. The tipster identified the suspect by recognizing their unique underwear, providing valuable information to investigators.

The incident on September 14, 2022, was captured on surveillance video, which shows three men getting out of a Mazda 3 and entering the Queens store while wearing Halloween masks.

Two individuals were armed with guns, while the remaining three swiftly collected $3,000 in cash from the registers. Additionally, they seized approximately $1,000 worth of CBD and marijuana products from the store before making a hasty retreat towards the idling Mazda.

During the robbery, the three individuals also managed to steal the phones of the four individuals present inside the shop.

The NYPD reports that security cameras caught one of the suspects, 30-year-old Fathy Hussein, in a compromising position with his pants down.

The man’s distinctive underwear, adorned with a combination of vibrant colors, prominently displays the letters “R” and “1990” in a striking yellow hue. Surveillance cameras captured this distinctive feature both inside the store and as the suspect exited the premises.

The police were led to Hussein’s social media accounts by an anonymous tipster, resulting in his arrest on Wednesday for robbery. According to the caller, the trio attempted to sell the stolen goods through a third party.

According to sources, Hussein was under probation during the occurrence of the armed robbery.

The suspect was identified by the police by using his Instagram account and analyzing the video footage from the location where the three men attempted to sell the stolen merchandise.

Hussein is currently waiting for arraignment in federal court in Brooklyn. Unfortunately, his attorney at the public defender’s office could not be reached for comment on Saturday.

The authorities are still searching for the other two suspects involved in the robbery.

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