Newark Searching For Female Suspect In Carjacking Investigation

Wagswoofs – Newark Public Safety Director Fritz G. Fragé needs help finding 63-year-old Yvonne Barnes so that she can be questioned about a carjacking that happened on December 10, 2023.

A Lyft driver picked up two men on the 40 block of Eckert Avenue around 10:30 p.m. That’s when the event happened. A fight broke out between the driver and customers over the volume of the music on the way to the 200 block of 18th Avenue. When the driver got to the 600 block of Bergen Street, which is close to Clinton Avenue, he told the people inside the car with the New Jersey license plate Z99MWW to get out.

The two male suspects attacked the driver because he asked them to. The first suspect, a black man 5’10” tall wearing a red jacket and blue pants and his hair braided, hit the victim in the face several times and knocked him to the ground. A 5’8″ black man wearing blue jeans, a dark hat, and long braided hair was the second suspect. He also beat the victim before stealing the car and driving north on Bergen Street

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