Next month, a major snowstorm is expected to hit New York State

As we step into the first week of October, the weather outside seems to be defying the usual seasonal patterns. Instead of chilly autumn winds, the temperatures are soaring high, reminding us of the hot and humid days of July.

New Yorkers are currently experiencing a delightful weather condition with temperatures soaring up to 10-15 degrees higher than the usual readings for this time of the year. This presents an opportunity for residents to relish in outdoor summer activities with the added advantage of donning comfortable shorts.

For many individuals, autumn is a season that they eagerly anticipate. It’s a time when they can relish the cool breeze and bask in the colorful scenery that surrounds them. They eagerly await the opportunity to don cozy hoodies and jeans while indulging in pumpkin spice drinks. The fall foliage provides a breathtaking sight that they look forward to admiring, and they relish the chance to attend a variety of autumn-themed events.

A major snowstorm is expected to hit New York State next month

Winter is fast approaching in Buffalo, with the first average snowfall just a few weeks away. Typically, the first accumulating snow can be expected in about a month’s time.

This winter season, El Nino is poised to steal the show. With its arrival comes a surge of warmer ocean waters in the Pacific, which could lead to an increased number of storms and snowfall in the northeast region. Many are anticipating a unique winter experience, unlike the past few seasons.

According to the latest winter forecast by AccuWeather, this winter season is expected to be noteworthy due to El Nino’s presence. While the forecast predicts a decrease in snowfall for Buffalo in comparison to last year’s remarkable 133 inches (2022-2023), it also suggests that Buffalo and Western New York will still face lake effect snowstorm occurrences in the early season, mainly in November and December. So, it’s better to gear up for the cold and snowy weather in these months.

According to AccuWeather, there is a notable possibility of a substantial snowstorm striking New York City and its nearby regions in November. Although nor’easters may pose a danger in the later months of January and February, the initial snowstorm of the season could make its appearance in just a couple of weeks.

As per the latest weather forecasts, Buffalo is anticipated to receive roughly 70-85 inches of snow, which is close to their average yearly snowfall of 95 inches. On the contrary, New York City may witness up to 26 inches of snow during this winter season. Nonetheless, we cannot overlook the possibility of nor’easters being a significant concern as we head into November and the upcoming months.

According to the forecast, it looks like New York State will be experiencing a more autumnal weather this coming week. The temperatures are expected to drop into the 50’s and 60’s, making for a cooler weekend ahead.

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