Next Month, New York State Likely to Experience Major Snowstorm

It’s early October, but the temperatures outside are making it feel more like July.

It’s a great time to be in New York State as the temperatures are currently 10-15 degrees warmer than usual. This has brought a sense of joy to many as they can now enjoy outdoor activities and show off their summer wardrobe.

Some people look forward to the autumn season, cherishing the crisp air, warm hoodies, comfortable jeans, and the irresistible scent of pumpkin spice. In addition to the cozy attire, they also admire the breathtaking fall foliage and the numerous events that take place during this season.

In Buffalo, it’s that time of the year again when we are just a stone’s throw away from the first average snowfall, while we can expect the first average accumulating snow to arrive in about a month. The chilly weather is just around the corner, and we must brace ourselves for the winter season ahead.

As we head into the winter season, all eyes are on the El Nino phenomenon that is set to affect ocean temperatures in the Pacific. This could lead to warmer waters and potentially more snowstorms for those in the northeast. The general consensus is that this winter will be unlike the previous ones, and we can expect some surprises along the way.

According to the recently released winter forecast by AccuWeather, this winter is going to be a memorable one, thanks to El Nino. Even though Buffalo experienced a whopping 133 inches of snow last year (2022-2023), this year is expected to be less severe. However, the forecast predicts that Buffalo and Western New York will still experience lake effect snowstorm events in the early part of the season, particularly in November and December.

According to AccuWeather, there might be a potential danger of nor’easters for New York City and those living downstate in late January and February. However, they have issued a warning that a significant snowstorm may hit in November. This implies that we might witness the first snowstorm of the season within a few weeks.

According to weather forecasts, Buffalo is expected to receive a significant amount of snowfall this winter. The average snowfall in this region is around 95 inches, but this year, the amount may range from 70-85 inches. Meanwhile, New York City may see up to 26 inches of snow this winter. However, the possibility of nor’easters is looming large, and it is likely to dominate the news as we move towards November and beyond.

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