NJ Bank Employee Accused Of Stealing Benefits Meant For Dead Customer

Wagswoofs – A bank employee in North Jersey has been charged by federal authorities for fraudulently withdrawing federal retirement benefits from the account of a deceased customer. The customer had passed away several years ago, yet the employee continued to access and withdraw funds from their account without authorization.

Jorge Nova, a 35-year-old resident of Passaic, has been accused of wire fraud.

In 2014, Nova worked at a commercial bank in Nutley where a customer received Social Security Administration (SSA) retirement benefits through direct deposit, as per officials.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) was not informed about the death of the beneficiary, resulting in the continued deposition of retirement benefits into their bank account for over four years, until October 2018.

Nova fraudulently obtained funds from the beneficiary’s account by causing debit cards to be issued to himself in the beneficiary’s name, which he then used to drain the retirement benefits from the beneficiary’s bank account. Nova also registered new accounts with a money service provider in the name of the deceased beneficiary and withdrew money from a second bank account held in the beneficiary’s name.

According to authorities, Nova managed to fraudulently obtain over $105,000 in total.

Nova could potentially face severe consequences for the wire fraud charges against him. If convicted, he could be sentenced to up to 30 years in prison and be subject to a hefty fine of $1 million.

It is important to remember that charges are merely accusations and that everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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