NY College Faces Lawsuit Alleging Negligence In Allowing An Ex-convict To Abuse Students

Wagswoofs –  Two former students and the sister of one of the students have filed a lawsuit against the New York college where Lawrence Ray, an ex-convict, moved into his daughter’s campus housing and started grooming her friends for abuse. They claim that the college’s negligence resulted in years of abuse for them.

The college spokesperson stated on Thursday that Larry Ray has been held accountable, convicted, and sentenced for his abhorrent crimes. The college expresses sympathy for Ray’s victims and hopes that the sentencing brings them some closure. While the college refrains from commenting on the ongoing litigation, they believe that the facts will reveal a different narrative than the unproven allegations presented in the filed complaint.

The plaintiffs in the civil lawsuit claim that they endured years of abuse and manipulation at the hands of Ray. It all began at Sarah Lawrence and continued in various other places, such as a Manhattan condominium and a home in Piscataway, New Jersey.

College officials allegedly turned a blind eye to the presence of a 50-year-old man who moved into his daughter’s dormitory in 2010. According to reports, the man quickly became involved in the lives of the young residents.

According to the lawsuit, Ray resided in the dormitory for almost a full academic year. Throughout this period, numerous students, community members, and parents reached out to the college, expressing their concerns about Ray’s abusive conduct. However, despite these complaints, the college failed to take any action to investigate or intervene in order to protect the plaintiffs from harm.

According to the plaintiffs, Ray became so comfortable in the residence that he even caused a fire alarm to go off while preparing a meal.

When firefighters and college security arrived at the dorm room, Ray was the sole person present, as mentioned in the lawsuit. Surprisingly, the college did not bother to inquire about Ray’s presence or activities in the room. Additionally, there was no effort made to monitor him after the fire to ensure that he wasn’t actually residing in the dormitory alongside the college students, as stated in the lawsuit.

The plaintiffs are seeking compensation for their pain and suffering, as well as coverage for healthcare expenses and lost income opportunities.

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