NYC Couple In Heartbreaking ‘twin’ Embryo Mix-up Settles Lawsuit Against California Clinic

Wagswoofs – A fertility-clinic mixup led to a Queens couple unknowingly becoming surrogates for two families from California. However, the couple has now settled their lawsuit against the facility responsible for the incident.

In 2018, a couple from Flushing, identified as Y.Z. and A.P., underwent treatment at the Cha Fertility Clinic in Southern California. Their investment of $100,000 led to the creation of eight embryos and ultimately resulted in a successful pregnancy for A.P.

The doctors informed them that she was expecting twin girls.

In a shocking turn of events, the clinic mistakenly implanted two male embryos from different families into A.P., as stated in a lawsuit. This unforeseen error has caused immense distress and confusion for all parties involved.

During A.P.’s pregnancy, ultrasounds uncovered the mistake. However, the doctors at Cha Fertility disregarded those scans, deeming them as errors. One physician, Joshua Berger, even shared a personal anecdote to downplay the significance of the ultrasounds. He claimed that his own wife was told she was having a boy based on an ultrasound, but later gave birth to a girl.

In March 2019, A.P. gave birth to two healthy boys, confirming the earlier snafu.

The couple had no choice but to surrender the newborns to their biological parents. This included Anni and Ashot Manukyan, who decided to name their son Alec.

Y.Z. and A.P. were devastated and humiliated when they decided to take legal action against Cha Fertility in Brooklyn Federal Court. They hadn’t shared the incident with many of their friends and relatives.

According to their lawsuit filed in July 2019, the couple stated that they were unable to gather the strength and find a way to communicate their heartbreaking loss to others.

The couple and the clinic recently reached a settlement for an undisclosed amount in the case, which was eventually transferred to the California Federal Court. They filed the necessary paperwork this week to inform the judge of the resolution.

Following the recent settlement with Berger for $200,000 in October, a new deal is currently being finalized.

“It has been a challenging journey for them,” noted the couple’s attorney, Dae Lee. “The topic remains sensitive for them.”

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