NYC Mayor Makes Weird 9/11 Reference When Asked How His Year Went

Wagswoofs –  New York City Mayor Eric Adams made an unusual reference to the tragic events of the 2001 terror attacks on the World Trade Center when reflecting on the events of 2023. He highlighted the unpredictable nature of life by reminding New Yorkers that the possibility of waking up to a similar magnitude of tragedy exists on any given morning.

During an appearance on WPIX-TV’s ‘PIX on Politics’ show, Host Dan Mannarion posed a question to Adams, asking him to sum up the year 2023 in just one word.

Adams provided a concise response by simply stating “New York.” However, he proceeded to elaborate on his answer by making a rather peculiar reference.

According to Adams, New York City is a place where you can encounter a wide range of experiences on a daily basis. It could be something as shocking as a plane crashing into the Trade Center or as joyous as someone celebrating the opening of a new business. Adams believes that the complexity of the city is what makes it the greatest city in the world.

No follow-up was received for the response.

During the interview, Adams was asked about the area he believed he needed to enhance in 2024. He responded, “Probably communications.”

Adams is currently facing numerous challenges that have significantly impacted his reputation. He is grappling with a historically low approval rating, as well as an ongoing FBI investigation into his mayoral campaign. Additionally, he is confronted with a serious sexual assault accusation, budgetary concerns, and an increasing number of migrants entering the city.

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