NYC Police Officer Arrested For Assault And Endangering Child

Wagswoofs – An NYPD officer was arrested on Thursday night within the 113th Precinct in New York City. The officer is facing charges of child endangerment and assault.

An off-duty police officer, Maurice Pennant, 39, was arrested at around 10:46 PM on charges of endangering the welfare of a child and assault. The incident that led to his arrest is currently being investigated.

According to records from the NYPD, Pennant has been working in the school safety division since October. He has been in the force since July 2011 and currently earns an annual salary of $133,000. In 2018, Pennant was involved in a lawsuit that accused him of using excessive force. The plaintiff claimed that as he was leaving a NYCHA building, Pennant and other officers, who were responding to a different incident, stopped and tackled him, handcuffed him, and assaulted him.

The lawsuit further alleged that the plaintiff was taken to the hospital and later charged with false charges, which were eventually dismissed. According to court records, the lawsuit was settled for $5,000.

The NYPD disciplined him on May 17 for violating patrol rules.

The NYPD has not given any additional information regarding the circumstances surrounding the arrest.

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