NYC’s Horrible Congestion Pricing Plan Will Kill New Yorkers

Wagswoofs – New York City may soon face a critical shortage of paramedics and EMTs, further exacerbating its already limited number of police officers.

Thanks to the MTA’s congestion pricing plan, drivers in New York may soon face even more challenges on the road. This aggressive phase of the Empire State’s ongoing battle against congestion is set to be implemented in the near future.

Within the Manhattan zone, there are emergency service stations that employ around 400 EMT workers. These stations are among the busiest in town. It is important to note that drivers will soon be required to pay $15 to enter this zone.

Essential workers, in essence, will be burdened with the cost of preserving the lives of New Yorkers.

EMT and medic salaries are not exorbitant, with the former reaching a maximum of $59,534 and the latter reaching $75,872.

The cost will gradually increase to nearly $4,000 per year, taking a significant toll on your finances.

Newly trained EMTs actually make $39,386, so the implementation of congestion pricing is expected to consume more than 10% of their total earnings each year.

Many of these workers heavily rely on driving as a means of transportation. Due to their limited income, they are unable to afford housing in the city and are forced to commute. This is largely due to the implementation of misguided progressive policies on housing.

Hiring and retaining employees can be quite challenging under such circumstances.

The shortage of EMTs would result in longer response times.

New Yorkers will lose their lives during those crucial seconds and minutes.

One of the many groups of drivers with legitimate concerns about the plan are these workers.

The worst part?

According to the MTA, the plan will not actually reduce traffic.

The agency’s 2045 outlook predicts a rise in traffic throughout the city, with no significant decrease in congestion in the Manhattan core.

It is important to keep in mind that the tolls may not generate as much revenue as initially expected. For example, London’s congestion pricing scheme only generates approximately $400 million annually.

EMTs and paramedics should not be given a special carveout.

Or for any other group that has enough political influence to secure one.

The entire flawed plan needs to be discarded immediately, as it poses a significant threat to the safety, civility, and prosperity of our city’s future.

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