NYPD: A suspect has been charged with murder in the stabbing of a NYC activist

Brian Dowling, an 18-year-old resident of Brooklyn, has been charged with murder by the NYPD for the fatal stabbing of public policy activist Ryan Carson. The incident took place in New York.

On Thursday night, Dowling was brought before a judge and charged with second-degree murder. However, he was denied bail by the judge.

CBS New York was the exclusive news outlet present when Dowling was apprehended around 10 a.m. on Thursday at his family’s Brooklyn residence.

Suspect charged in fatal NYC stabbing

According to Gloria Reyes, a neighbor, she has had previous encounters with him and described him as a relaxed individual who was mentally paranoid.

After being taken into custody, Dowling was interrogated by the police at the 81st Precinct. He was subsequently charged with both murder and criminal possession of a weapon.

According to prosecutors, Dowling was identified by two individuals from the surveillance footage, and the police found the attacker’s sweatshirt and knife. However, the victim’s girlfriend did not identify Dowling from the photo array she was presented with.

As he was being led from the 81st Precinct to face court, Dowling couldn’t hold back his tears. It was his first-ever arrest, and he was clearly overwhelmed with emotions.

According to Reyes, the tragedy resulted in the loss of not just one, but two lives. An 18-year-old will now spend the rest of his life in jail, while a 31-year-old heroically attempted to maintain the community’s well-being. It is a loss that affects everyone involved.

During his arraignment, Dowling frequently looked back at his parents who were present in the courtroom. As he was being taken back into custody, they bid him farewell by waving and blowing a kiss.

Next week marks Dowling’s next court appearance.

Surveillance video shows person of interest

Surveillance footage captured Carson and his girlfriend sitting at a bus stop on Malcolm X Boulevard in Bedford-Stuyvesant around 4 a.m. on Monday.

According to the police report, a man passed by the couple without any interaction. However, shortly after the couple began walking, the man kicked over multiple mopeds on the sidewalk. He then turned to Carson and asked, “What are you looking at?”

During an earlier briefing, NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny stated that Mr. Carson promptly initiated de-escalation tactics to diffuse the situation.

According to investigators, the suspect did not have any prior acquaintance with Carson or his girlfriend.

After the incident, the suspect’s sister makes an appearance to offer her apologies. According to the police, a potential weapon and clothing were found in the vicinity of Dowling’s residence.

Carson is remembered as a community advocate.

Carson was a prominent figure in the fight against opioid overdoses through his activism. For the past decade, he has been working with the New York Public Interest Research Group, focusing on issues related to recycling and solid waste. Prior to this, Carson was a strong advocate for the implementation of safe injection facilities.

Gloria Reyes, a Bed-Stuy resident who knew Carson, described him as someone who was constantly working to combat drug usage and maintain the stability of the community. According to Reyes, he was always on the go and never slowed down in his efforts to make a positive impact.

Messages of admiration have been flooding in through various means such as candles and letters. Carson’s dedication has been acknowledged by Mayor Eric Adams, who stated that he transformed his passion into a meaningful purpose. Additionally, Senator Chuck Schumer praised him as an exceptional activist and an up-and-coming talent.

Judith Enck, the president of Beyond Plastics, expressed that working with Ryan is not just limited to professional relationships. As a colleague, Ryan has a way of making people feel like they’re his friend because of his warm, endearing, and fun personality.

On Monday night, family and friends gathered at the location where the victim resided with his roommates to hold a vigil in his honor. The gathering took place just a few steps away from the victim’s home.

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