NYPD: Suspect In High-speed Chase Was Wanted For Additional Offenses

Wagswoofs – The man responsible for rampaging through a Staten Island neighborhood in a stolen truck, causing extensive damage to numerous cars, has been identified as Michael Rompa, a 48-year-old resident of New Jersey, according to the NYPD.

Before arresting Rompa on Thursday night, police circled the W.B. Mason truck as it sat under the cars it had just hit on Van Duzer Street with their guns drawn.

Witness Juan Perez described the scene as being eerily quiet before chaos erupted. Suddenly, there was a loud explosion-like sound that reverberated through the area. Perez was taken aback by the suddenness and intensity of the noise.

The New Jersey police contacted the NYPD to inform them about Rompa, stating that he had driven the stolen truck into Staten Island.

During the 40-minute chase, the police reported that a total of 28 vehicles were damaged, which included three police cars.


Debris still littered Van Duzer Street, marking the aftermath of the encounter that began at Bishop Street and Cranford Avenue, five miles away, where officers initially attempted to stop Rompa on Friday.

Rompa is facing six charges which include assault and reckless endangerment, fleeing from an officer in a vehicle, unauthorized use of a vehicle, grand larceny auto, and leaving the scene of an accident.

The pursuit came to a halt right outside Shaw-Nae Dixon’s restaurant, leaving many of her customers’ cars in ruins.

“They’re all extremely shaken up, I must admit,” she remarked.

Dixon mentioned that she personally covered the cost of customers’ rideshares to ensure they could get home safely before the scene was cleared at approximately 1 a.m. It was during this time that her son witnessed the police arresting Rompa.

According to Dixon, when he peered outside, he caught sight of the man sprinting and exclaiming, even after being apprehended by the police, “I’m going to do it again.”

Amazingly, residents and police officers who were taken to nearby hospitals reported only minor injuries.

Perez expressed that this is the greatest blessing we could hope for.

According to the police, Rompa had previously stolen three cars and was wanted for “numerous crimes” in New Jersey and Staten Island.

According to sources, Rompa hails from Sayreville, New Jersey.

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