NY’s Longest-serving Inmate And Confessed Killer Released From Prison

Wagswoofs – It was 1962 and Pamela Moss, a cheerful and friendly young girl, was strolling through the woods of her Penfield, NY neighborhood. It was then that she came across James Moore, a landscaper from Webster who happened to be working near her home.

After spending the longest time as an inmate in a NY prison, Moore was due to appear before a parole board for the 21st time on June 6, 2022. However, all his previous requests for parole had been denied. Finally, at the age of 88, Moore was granted his release. The Judge stated that there was no evidence to suggest that Moore would pose any danger to the community. Although many people in the Rochester area were apprehensive about his release, the court decided to allow it.

Pamela’s family, like many others, was shocked to hear the news of James Moore’s release. The fact that an alleged criminal who confessed to molesting and murdering young girls was able to walk free has raised serious questions about the integrity of our judicial system. It is a deeply unsettling thought for many families who have been impacted by such heinous crimes.

Let’s hope that Moore is being closely monitored and held accountable for his actions, ensuring he never harms another person in the future.

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