NYU student confesses to tearing down Israeli hostage posters

According to the NYU campus incident report, one of the students involved in tearing down posters of Israeli hostages is an activist who is dedicated to fighting racial profiling. She expressed that her actions were a result of misplaced anger.

A video capturing Yazmeen Deyhimi, a junior enrolled in a prestigious university, tearing apart banners outside NYU’s Tisch Hall has surfaced. Deyhimi, who formerly worked for the Anti-Defamation League, shamelessly admitted to the act. The incident has caused outrage and calls for action against Deyhimi.

After facing backlash on social media and demands for the school to take action against those responsible, Deyhimi decided to address the situation on her Instagram account and come clean about what had happened.

Yazmeen Deyhimi admitted to ripping down posters of Israeli hostages posted outside NYU’s Tisch Hall.

As a woman of mixed race, I have been struggling with my identity and where I belong in society, especially during these turbulent times. These days, it can be challenging to navigate the complexities of being a brown woman, and I often find myself grappling with my place in the world.

As of late, I’ve been experiencing a growing sense of frustration with the current state of things. I recognize that I’ve allowed this frustration to manifest into actions that don’t align with my true character. It’s important for me to acknowledge this and make a conscious effort to avoid such behavior in the future.

As we navigate through the era of social media and digital presence, it’s crucial to acknowledge the impact that our actions and words can have on others. I understand that moments of anger can lead to regrettable behavior, but I also recognize that they are not indicative of my true character or the values instilled in me by my upbringing. It’s important to take responsibility for our mistakes and strive to be better individuals, both online and offline.

The post, unfortunately, has been removed.

The student studying pre-law expressed regret for her behavior and stated that she is firmly against terrorism. She also hopes for the safe return of the Israeli hostages, as reported in the article.

After the video went viral, Deyhimi’s NYU peers promptly identified her. A multitude of students and social media users demanded NYU to hold the three individuals accountable for their actions, deeming them “cowards.”

The incident sparked public outcry demanding that NYU punish Deyhimi and her accomplices.

The petition, which has gathered over 4,000 signatures since it was initiated on Tuesday, highlights the valid concerns of Jewish students, who fear for their safety and respect at the university. As per its zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination, including antisemitism, NYU is duty-bound to ensure an environment where all students can feel secure and valued. The petition calls upon the university to take appropriate action against any such incidents of discrimination.

According to her online profile, the accomplice of the incident was revealed as a freshman at the university who holds the position of a Muslim Youth Leadership Council Member at Advocates for Youth. As for the third student involved in the incident, a male who was seen wearing a dark hood, his identity has not been disclosed yet.

Despite numerous attempts to reach out to Deyhimi and her accomplice, The Post received no response from either of them.

As per her LinkedIn profile, Deyhimi is a staunch supporter of fighting against Muslim bigotry. She has even worked as a CSC Education Intern with ADL during her teenage years, when she was just 15 years old.

According to a spokesperson for the organization, “Upon review, we can verify that one of the participants had previously been a part of an ADL high-school level summer internship in 2019,” as reported by The Post.

The statement strongly denounces her actions and expresses the hope that her apology will pave the way for her to take responsibility and make amends for the harm and anguish she caused.

The ADL has recently removed a blog post that was originally about the inclusion of Deyhimi as one of the 12 student leaders participating in the program. The post mentioned that Deyhimi is an individual who holds a strong passion for fighting against racial profiling and advocating for gender equality.

In a recent article by The New York Times published in December 2022, Deyhimi was showcased for his unique style choices while clubbing in the basement of a closed barbershop that is popular among NYU students. The article shed light on the fashion trends of the students and how they were making the most of the unconventional party venue.

According to the Times, a pre-law student shared her experience of getting a haircut that turned out to be the worst she had ever received. She described the outcome as an uneven, shaggy, and disgusting mess.

There is uncertainty regarding the disciplinary action taken against Deyhimi and her accomplices as she confessed to tearing down the posters.

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