Off-duty Police Officer Helps Cyclist Following Hit-and-run Incident

Wagswoofs –  An off-duty police officer made a disturbing discovery in Virginia Beach when they stumbled upon an injured bicyclist in the aftermath of a hit-and-run incident. The incident took place on a bustling section of Independence Blvd. close to Ewell Rd. during the early hours of last Wednesday morning.

An unidentified victim was involved in a car accident, according to the police. An off-duty officer happened to be passing by and noticed the injured man lying on the road. Acting swiftly, the officer immediately contacted emergency services for assistance.

Catherine Bell resides just near the intersection where the accident occurred last Wednesday. According to her, she didn’t hear any unusual sounds that morning as she was getting ready for work. However, this lack of surprise is not unexpected, as she had experienced a previous accident at the edge of her property within the past year.

According to Bell, the intersection is notorious for speeding drivers. She has witnessed several severe accidents, making it a highly dangerous spot. The fast-paced nature of the morning rush hour only adds to the risk.

“It’s truly heartbreaking,” Bell expressed to 10 On Your Side with a sense of deep sadness.

According to the Virginia Beach Police, there are currently no witnesses or description of the suspect vehicle regarding the incident that took place at Independence Blvd. and Ewell Rd. at approximately 6:20 a.m. last Wednesday. Any individuals with information are urged to contact the authorities.

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