Officer assaulted by a woman who has been arrested

On October 23, a police officer was assaulted by a resident of Montgomery who was subsequently arrested. The incident occurred in Hoover.

In the early hours of October 22nd, an incident occurred in which 18-year-old Antoneisha Aaliyah Hogan reportedly assaulted a detention officer in Hoover. Hogan was already in custody at Hoover City Jail on charges that have not been disclosed.

According to police reports, Hogan was aware of her recent positive test for communicable diseases when she deliberately spat into the face of the detention officer. As a result, Hogan is facing charges for second-degree assault and assault with a bodily fluid.

According to reports, Hogan allegedly tested positive for cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana in a urine test conducted the day after the supposed assault incident. Given that Hogan was pregnant at the time, she is now facing charges of chemical endangerment of a child.

Here is a breakdown of Hogan’s charges:

The offense of second-degree assault is what we are referring to here.

Rewritten: The act of assaulting someone with bodily fluids.

Endangering a child through chemical exposure.

After allegedly assaulting an officer, Hogan was transferred from Hoover City Jail to the Shelby County Jail located in Columbiana. At present, she is being detained on a $45,000 bond, and no trial date has been scheduled yet.

As the investigation continues, we will provide updates and release further information as it becomes available. Stay tuned for any new developments.

The Shelby County Reporter recently reported that a woman was arrested for assaulting an officer.

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