Ohio News Anchor Comes Out On The Air: She Has A Girlfriend

Wagswoofs – Taylor Bruck, the weekend morning news anchor for Spectrum News 1 Ohio, is creating a buzz with her recent decision to embrace her true self and publicly come out as gay during a live broadcast.

People reported that the newscast appeared to be a regular on-air conversation between the anchors. During the broadcast, Bruck casually mentioned that she had spent her Thanksgiving visiting her girlfriend in Cleveland.

Bruck revealed to People that her decision to publicly acknowledge her identity was spontaneous. When she uttered those words on live television, she experienced a sense of joy and satisfaction, as it marked a significant milestone in her life.

Taylor Bruck, a 25-year-old Emmy award-winning reporter, recently took to social media to celebrate a personal milestone in her career. Bruck, who works for a station covering Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati, shared a clip where she proudly uttered the word “girlfriend” on television for the first time. This momentous occasion marks a significant step forward for LGBTQ+ representation in the media industry.

After sharing the clip, Bruck mentioned to People that she has been receiving messages from people all over the world. These messages acknowledge her bravery and express how much her visibility means to others.

According to Bruck, the act of coming out on-air held great significance for her. She has consistently been open about her sexuality on social media, and she believes in encouraging others to embrace their true selves. Bruck shared, “I always try to inspire others to live authentically, so I made the decision to fully embrace my own truth.”

Bruck expresses her gratitude for the unwavering love and support she has received from her friends and family ever since she came out. However, she is truly amazed by the overwhelming support she has garnered since sharing the video.

She told People, she humbly expressed that she does not consider herself a hero and emphasized that her sexual orientation does not define her completely. She simply sees herself as a journalist and news anchor who is passionate about her work and also happens to be gay.

In the interview, she expresses her admiration for renowned LGBTQ journalists such as Anderson Cooper from CNN and Robin Roberts from ABC. She appreciates the opportunity to be her authentic self both on and off the screen because she believes that visibility plays a crucial role.

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