Oklahoma County Courthouse garage shooting arrest; $10 million bond

According to court records, a young man, who is just 18 years old, has been arrested and charged with involvement in a shooting that took place near Oklahoma County’s office and courts complex. The incident resulted in injuries to two individuals. The accused is currently being held on a bond of $10 million. The details of the shooting are still under investigation.

The individual who is believed to be involved in the case, remains unnamed at this time as charges have not yet been filed. On Wednesday, Oklahoma County sheriff’s deputies took the suspect into custody.

According to reports, the incident took place in a parking garage owned by Oklahoma County on the same day when two rival gangs had an altercation in the lobby of the eighth floor of the Oklahoma County Courthouse.

Two adults were injured in the shooting incident, and they sought treatment for their wounds later at OU Health University of Oklahoma Medical Center.

According to a news report, an argument between members of rival gangs resulted in a shooting incident in a downtown Oklahoma City parking garage. For more details on the incident, you can refer to the article link provided.

As of Thursday, officials have not provided any new updates regarding the condition of those injured in the shooting. Nevertheless, previous reports indicated that the injuries sustained were not believed to be life-threatening.

On Thursday, officials emphasized that investigators have yet to receive any cooperation from either the shooting victims or any individuals who may have been involved in the previous altercation or shooting.

According to Oklahoma County Sheriff Tommie Johnson III, the 18-year-old suspect who was apprehended had been caught on the garage’s security footage that the county uses. The suspect was identified by the Oklahoma City police, who had prior knowledge of the individual.

The news article about the arrest made in the Oklahoma County Courthouse garage shooting and the bond being set at $10 million was originally published on Oklahoman.

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