Oklahoma Woman Arrested 3 Years After Fatal Prison Visit

Wagswoofs – A Cushing woman has been charged with murder following a visit she made to the Allen Gamble Correctional Center in 2020. The incident has now led to her being placed in custody three years later. District Attorney Erik Johnson became aware of the lack of an arrest warrant in her case earlier this year and decided to take action.

“We have successfully brought Ms. Smoot back into our jurisdiction, and we are committed to pursuing prosecution,” stated Erik Johnson, the District Attorney for Hughes County.

Laura Smoot visited the Allen Gamble Correctional Center on February 8, 2020, as stated in the original affidavit.

Gloria was discovered unresponsive an hour later and was declared deceased upon arrival at the hospital.

During the investigation, Smoot was interviewed by the Cushing Police. In the affidavit, she confessed to smuggling methamphetamine into the prison. As a result, she now faces charges of second-degree murder.

She faced a major issue: she was never taken into custody.

When DA Johnson assumed office in January, he noticed that no warrant had been issued for Laura Smoot.

Johnson expressed uncertainty about why the case was never filed by their predecessor or their assistants at that time.

Johnson filed an arrest warrant on January 5, 2023, according to him.

But despite the passage of 11 months, Smoot managed to evade arrest.

Johnson expressed gratitude towards the sheriff’s department for their prompt action in resolving the situation and uploading a copy of the warrant to NCIC.

Johnson stated that he collaborated with U.S. Marshals, who ultimately apprehended her. On December 13, she was incarcerated in the Payne County jail.

Johnson, the newly appointed district attorney in District 22, emphasized the transformative changes taking place in the district. With a fresh approach, Johnson highlighted the implementation of a more efficient system, ensuring that no cases would be overlooked or neglected.

Laura Smoot is being transferred to Hughes County.

The connection between Smoot and the inmate who passed away in 2020 is still unclear. The inmate was serving a sentence for murder.

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