PD: Children Hospitalized After Consuming Gelato Containing Without Their knowledge Thc At A Restaurant

Wagswoofs – It was meant to be a memorable evening spent with loved ones at one of Arizona’s most prestigious golf destinations.

After including an unexpected dish to their dinner selection, two families have reported that their children had to be urgently taken to the hospital.

Their parents were completely clueless about the condition afflicting their children at that time.

“I was convinced that my daughter was on the verge of dying,” expressed Amy Perrin, a distressed mother. “It is crucial for the public to be aware of this situation. It is simply unacceptable for something like this to occur.”

This is a story that has remained untold until this very moment.

On December 30, 2021, an incident took place at Isabella’s Kitchen, a restaurant located at Grayhawk Golf Club in north Scottsdale, as stated in a police report from the Scottsdale Police Department.

Later that evening, Perrin mentioned that her 7-year-old daughter, Ripley, began to feel unwell.

Perrin called 911 immediately, and paramedics quickly arrived to rush Ripley to the hospital. In that moment, Perrin believed it was a case of food poisoning.

According to Bidner, her 5-year-old son, Max, was rushed to the hospital the following day after he became unresponsive. Paramedics swiftly transported him via ambulance from an Urgent Care facility.


Bidner expressed her feelings of helplessness and confusion, stating, “I just felt so helpless. And at this moment, I had no idea what it could be. What could have happened?”

She captured moments of her son’s ordeal as Max faded away in his car seat and was later whisked away on a stretcher. Bidner recounted the painstaking efforts of doctors at the hospital who conducted a series of tests in an attempt to diagnose his condition.

Later that day, she was informed by the doctor about the unexpected results.

Bidner was taken aback when he was informed about Max’s positive marijuana test. He had spent the entire night with Max and couldn’t understand how this could have happened. Perplexed, he asked the person who shared the news, “How is that possible? I was with him the whole time.” In response, the person simply shrugged and said, “I don’t know. You tell me.”

Both families began to make connections back to the vanilla gelato they were served at Isabella’s Kitchen.

Perrin stated that they discovered the common factor among all the individuals who fell ill.

According to records, it was later revealed that the staff at Isabella’s Kitchen unknowingly served their children vanilla Italian ice cream that contained THC, which is the active component found in marijuana.

The Arizona Department of Agriculture’s lab results have confirmed that the vanilla gelato obtained by officers from the restaurant has tested positive for THC.

Bidner revealed that every kid’s meal at the restaurant includes a complimentary scoop of gelato. However, what they fail to mention is that these gelato servings are infused with marijuana.

Both families are actively pursuing legal action.

The Perrin and Bidner families have filed a lawsuit against both the restaurant’s former owner and the gelato manufacturer involved in the incident.

According to the family’s attorney, Michael Burg, it is outrageous that the restaurant served ice cream laced with drugs to children. He emphasized that the responsibility lies with both the management of Grayhawk and the restaurant itself.

One family has reportedly been reported to DCS.

According to the lawsuit, the hospital’s protocol stated that the Bidner parents were required to report to the Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS) when doctors discovered a significant amount of THC in their son Max’s system.

Bidner expressed her astonishment, stating, “I felt like I had been transported to a parallel universe.”

Burg emphasized the potential consequences that the individuals could have faced, including the possibility of having their children taken away. He also highlighted the significant damages that their clients had endured.

The Scottsdale police investigation

Bidner’s husband wasted no time in contacting the authorities as soon as they grew suspicious of the vanilla gelato they had been served at the restaurant.

According to her, when they were piecing together the storyline, they informed him that he was not the only person to contact them that day.

Scottsdale police officers stated in the incident report that they received another report from another individual. It was later discovered that three employees of the restaurant also fell ill after consuming the gelato that same evening.

According to the report, several employees admitted to being under the influence of drugs and stated that they were unable to drive. Notably, one of the employees was 13 weeks pregnant.

Amy Perrin and her husband Keith also consumed the vanilla gelato and fell ill, as stated in the lawsuit.

According to Jeanne Bidner, their 8-year-old daughter Zoe initially had some of the vanilla gelato but later swapped it with her brother Max, who had ordered the chocolate gelato.

Bidner recounted the incident, stating that when she took a bite of the food, she immediately noticed an odd taste and decided not to eat it. Max, being the considerate person he is, offered to exchange his own meal with hers.

Officers collected three tubs of vanilla bean gelato from the restaurant during their investigation, which later tested positive for THC.

According to a statement from the Scottsdale Police Department, no charges were filed with the state as the restaurant employees did not have any intention to harm anyone and their actions were unintentional.

Perrin expressed his strong belief that someone should be held responsible for the situation.

The lawsuit alleges that Heartbreak Creamery produced and distributed the ice cream without obtaining the necessary license.

The responsibility for potential charges against the person who made the gelato in Scottsdale lies with the Arizona Department of Health Services, according to the local police.

The health department attributed the responsibility to the police.

Dr. Eugene Livar, assistant director for Public Health Preparedness, stated that ADHS collaborated with law enforcement, Maricopa County Environmental Services, and the Department of Agriculture regarding the matter. However, he mentioned that there are currently no legal enforcement actions that ADHS can take against an unlicensed facility that infuses food products with marijuana (THC). Dr. Livar emphasized that this activity is deemed illegal under both statutes and rules sets, and should be treated by the local police department as any other illegal substance.

When ABC15 reached out to Scottsdale police for an update on potential charges against the gelato owner, they stated that they had no new information to provide.

Bidner emphasized the importance of holding accountable those responsible for illegally administering drugs to children. He firmly stated, “If you’re the police and you investigate such a situation, the person who committed this act should face consequences, without a doubt.”

The Department of Agriculture was the only agency that took action in response to the incident. In a report from the department, it stated that a criminal citation was issued to the gelato owner for operating without a proper dairy license.

However, up until now, no government agency has taken any action against those who have been serving children gelato that contains marijuana (THC).

Perrin expressed her strong belief that there should be consequences for drugging someone’s child.

According to Bidner, Max frequently recalls the visions he had during that period, describing them as a distressing black cloud looming over his memories.

As the owner of Gelato, Grayhawk had this to say:

Despite multiple attempts, ABC15 was unable to reach the owner of the gelato shop for a response.

Arcis Golf acquired Grayhawk Golf Club, including Isabella’s Kitchen, in June 2023, about 18 months after the incident.

The new owners referred to this as an unfortunate incident, occurring prior to their acquisition.

Arcis Golf stated that when the incident occurred, the previous owners promptly fired the vendor involved and fully cooperated with the investigating agencies. The company added that since their acquisition, they have implemented further enhancements in this particular area.

ABC15 contacted the previous owners, Pacific Life Insurance, regarding the pending litigation. However, the company declined to comment on the matter.

Burg emphasized the need for accountability, stating, “They haven’t been held accountable yet. They have to be held accountable. So, this never happens to anybody else.”

In 2021, an unfortunate incident occurred at Grayhawk Golf Club, which was acquired by Arcis Golf in June 2023.

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