Pennsylvania House Votes Against Funding For University Of Pennsylvania After Criticism On School’s Antisemitism Stance

Wagswoofs –  The University of Pennsylvania’s veterinary school faced a setback as the Pennsylvania House of Representatives rejected a proposal to allocate $33 million in funding.

President Liz Magill’s resignation comes in the wake of widespread criticism that accuses the university of turning a blind eye to antisemitism.

According to the Associated Press, the funding accounts for 18% of the annual budget of the veterinary school.

The legislation that aimed to allocate funding to Penn secured a majority in two separate votes, but fell short of the two-thirds majority needed for its passage.

According to AP reports, all Democrats voted in favor of the funding, while the majority of Republicans opposed it.

House Minority Leader Bryan Cutler, a representative from Lancaster, expressed his concerns during a floor debate about the university’s lack of action towards addressing and condemning antisemitism. Cutler emphasized that unless the university takes decisive steps to combat this issue and officially acknowledges that antisemitism goes against its core values, he cannot morally endorse providing funding to the institution.

In an effort to combat antisemitism on campus, Penn recently established a task force tasked with developing a comprehensive plan.

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