People Raise Suspicion Following Minor Earthquake in NYC

Wagswoofs –  The world has experienced a series of seismic activities in the past month, causing a great deal of instability. Notable earthquakes, some of which were severe, have occurred in the Philippines, Japan, Iceland, and California within the last month alone. It is important to note that these regions are either located on fault zones or are part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, where seismic activity is expected. However, it came as a surprise when a minor earthquake struck in New York City on January 2, as earthquakes are relatively uncommon in this area.

A slight tremor, measuring just 1.7 on the Richter Scale, occurred in Queens. Although such tremors are extremely rare in this area, it has left many New Yorkers feeling uneasy and even conspiratorial. One TikTok user took to the platform to express her thoughts on this peculiar incident.

Many people, including @180focus, have expressed a sense of unease and suspicion in her video, echoing a prevailing belief that something significant is on the horizon. The global increase in seismic and volcanic activities has caught the attention of many, especially following recent catastrophic events such as the eruption near Grindavik, Iceland, and Japan’s massive earthquake on New Year’s Day. However, the occurrence of a noticeable earthquake in New York City, a location not typically associated with active fault lines, after decades is particularly remarkable.

After watching this video, many commenters were quick to share their own feelings of unease and apprehension, with several mentioning an impending “energy shift.”

“I completely understand and share your sentiment. Lately, I’ve also been experiencing a noticeable decrease in energy and a sense of unease. It seems like there have been too many coincidences happening around us. It’s important for us to stay alert and vigilant,” cautioned @vickiwyten3.

There were doubts about whether it was a genuine earthquake, with some speculating that human interference was involved. “@vanessarodriguez9377 suggested that underground tunnels being blown up could be the cause, citing similar incidents in Las Vegas,” without providing any additional information about the rumors in Las Vegas.

“I’m deeply convinced that 2024 will be our final year. Our planet is on the verge of imploding,” expressed @jennifermiller2.8 with a sense of despair.

The continuous stream of alarming news regarding earthquakes has undoubtedly left many people feeling anxious. However, before we jump to apocalyptic conclusions, let’s take a moment to consider just how uncommon it is for an earthquake to occur in New York City.

NYC’s Last Earthquake

The thing about earthquakes is that they can occur anywhere on the globe, although they are more common and intense in areas near fault lines, volcanoes, and other active seismic zones. Every day, numerous earthquakes occur worldwide, but the majority of them can only be detected by seismic instruments. However, when we are able to feel them, that’s when the situation becomes more serious.

New York City has experienced earthquakes in the past. According to a report from NYC’s PIX11 News, there have been a few minor earthquakes in the city, including one in 2019. However, these tremors were too small to be felt by people and could only be detected by seismic instruments. The most recent earthquake that was strong enough to be felt by residents occurred on October 27, 2001, with a magnitude of 2.6 in Manhattan.

According to USGS geophysicist Thomas Pratt, the New York City area experiences a number of small earthquakes each year, although many of them go unnoticed. This suggests that the Big Apple may be more seismically active than commonly believed.

According to USGS geophysicist Jessica Turner, yesterday’s 1.7-magnitude earthquake in Queens might have been felt more strongly by residents in high-rise buildings on the upper floors. She also explained that those closest to the epicenter may have experienced a more pronounced shaking, which could explain the initial reports of “explosions” from Roosevelt Island (The Gothamist).

Feeling a sense of unease about the state of the world is completely understandable. The constant stream of negative news can weigh heavy on our spirits, and I can relate to that. However, the idea that tremors in NYC are a sign of some profound shift in the universe or an impending apocalypse is most likely unfounded. It’s simply the Earth going about its natural processes, as it always has.

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