Plane Aborts Landing 100 Feet Above Ground At New York Airport

Wagswoofs –  On Thursday, a Delta Air Lines flight approaching LaGuardia Airport in Queens had a close call, as it had to abort its landing just 100 feet above the ground. Flight Aware reported that at 12.18pm, the plane suddenly ascended more than 1,500 feet, just as it was about to land.

During a recent flight, a passenger reported that the flight deck announced a delay due to another plane taking too much time on the runway. As a result, the plane had to circle back around.

As shelters in Massachusetts hit their full capacity, more migrant families are being forced to spend sleepless nights at Boston Logan Airport. The airport has become a temporary refuge for these families, who have fled their home countries in search of safety and a better life. However, the situation at the airport is far from ideal, with families sleeping on the floor and struggling to find food and basic necessities. This is just one example of the ongoing challenges faced by migrant families seeking asylum in the United States.

According to a statement released by the FAA, an air traffic controller directed Delta Air Lines flight 468 to perform a go-around at LaGuardia Airport on Thursday, November 17 at approximately 12:18pm local time. This was due to a delay caused by another aircraft taking longer than expected to exit the runway.

In August, a flight operated by American Airlines and arriving at LaGuardia experienced a sudden increase in altitude from 300 feet to over 3,000 feet within two minutes. The FAA classified the occurrence as a “go-around,” which is a common maneuver when landing is not possible. However, with the heightened demand for flights this year, flight systems have been facing additional stress.

CNN spoke with pilot and flight instructor Pete Muntean, who explained that airlines are facing significant corporate pressure to recover from the impact of the pandemic. Muntean also noted that there is currently an influx of new pilots taking to the skies, and that there are various factors contributing to the situation.

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