Police discovered over 1 pound of fentanyl following a reported ‘drug deal’ at White Hall Goodwill

During a drug call in Marion County, two individuals have been charged after deputies discovered over a pound of fentanyl. This incident occurred in White Hall, W.Va.

According to a criminal complaint, the Marion County Sheriff’s Department received a call reporting a possible drug deal between a truck and a Jeep at the Goodwill in White Hall on Oct. 25. Deputies were dispatched to investigate the situation.

According to authorities, James Potter, aged 44, and Amanda Potter, aged 40, both residents of Parkersburg, were found occupying the truck.

Upon approaching the truck, deputies noticed a loaded hypodermic needle in plain sight through the open door. This discovery provided probable cause for a thorough search of the vehicle and ultimately led to the detention of James, as stated in the complaint.

As the deputies conducted a thorough search of the vehicle, they discovered a significant amount of illegal substances, including 16.2 ounces of fentanyl, 1.4 ounces of methamphetamine, and 6 grams of marijuana. Additionally, they found a metal container containing $5,900 in U.S. currency and $1,614 on James’s person. Furthermore, they also came across 28 grams of a type of fungi commonly known as ‘shrooms’. It is evident that the suspect was carrying a substantial amount of illegal substances and cash, highlighting the severity of the offense committed.

James and Amanda are currently facing charges of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance. As of now, they are being held at the North Central Regional Jail.

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