Police: Driver Runs Over 9 People During New Year Rampage In Manhattan

Wagswoofs – New York City police have apprehended a man who recklessly sped through midtown Manhattan, injuring nine individuals, including a police officer. The incident occurred just a few blocks away from the city’s New Year’s Eve festivities.

A man, aged 44, was apprehended around 1:30 a.m. on Monday at the intersection of West 34th Street and Ninth Avenue. The incident occurred when the man drove his black SUV onto the sidewalk, injuring six pedestrians and a police officer.

According to the police, the driver collided with several marked police cars and a food truck. Unfortunately, the impact caused the food truck to tip over, trapping a 39-year-old woman underneath. Thankfully, she was quickly transported to a nearby hospital and is currently in stable condition.

The police officer and the other pedestrians who were struck were transported to a hospital and are now in stable condition.

The suspect was rushed to the hospital in a critical yet stable condition.

According to the police, they witnessed the driver engaging in a heated argument with another individual at the intersection of Seventh Avenue and West 34th Street. Upon attempting to intervene, the suspect swiftly entered his vehicle and fled the scene.

The suspect is currently facing pending charges.

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