Police: Florida Woman Married For More Than 50 Years Face Chargers For Attempted To Kill Husband After He Got A Postcard From An Ex

Wagswoofs – A Florida woman is facing many charges after allegedly attempting to murder her husband of over 50 years when he got a postcard from his ex-girlfriend, whom he dated before marrying her.

Officials arrived at a North Miami Beach home on Sunday and discovered the victim in “extremely fragile” condition, according to a police report obtained by FOX 13.

The guy informed investigators that his wife, Bertha Yalter, 71, tried to smother him with a pillow after he got a postcard from a woman he had dated six decades ago.

According to authorities, the man suffered several bruises and open lacerations on both his arms and his stomach. He also had open-bite wounds that were bleeding.

Yalter apparently acknowledged attacking her husband, according to the article. Local 10 stated that police were able to collect video footage of the attack.

She is being jailed without bond on multiple counts, including attempted murder.

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