Police have arrested a suspect in connection with the shooting death of a man inside a business in Kansas City on Saturday

According to police, an incident took place in Kansas City’s Northeast neighborhood, resulting in the tragic death of a man who was shot inside a business on Saturday.

In the early afternoon, the Kansas City Police Department received a report of a shooting incident at the 2700 block of Independence Avenue. Sgt. Jake Becchina, the department’s spokesperson, confirmed the incident and stated that police officers promptly responded to the call.

According to Becchina, the authorities discovered an adult male lying motionless inside the establishment. Emergency medical services declared him dead on the spot.

According to Becchina, investigators suspect that the victim had a prior interaction with someone else inside the building before the shooting occurred. As per reports, the police have detained one individual at the location.

According to police reports, the shooting victim was identified as Broderick A. Brown, aged 42. However, the individual who was apprehended in connection with the incident has yet to be identified. Despite ongoing investigations, there are still many unanswered questions surrounding the shooting.

On a Saturday afternoon, officers wearing gloves were present within the confines of a yellow police tape that encircled a Cricket Wireless store located at 2706 Independence Ave.

According to Becchina, detectives are currently in the process of investigating the case and are actively seeking to interview witnesses while carefully processing the scene for any potential evidence. At this time, the case remains under investigation.

According to data collected by The Star, the recent death of the man marks the 148th homicide this year in Kansas City, including fatal police shootings. It is worth noting that the city had recorded 132 homicides at this time last year.

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