Police Investigate The Shooting Of A Pregnant Woman At A Residence In La Marque

Wagswoofs  – The La Marque Police Department is investigating a distressing incident that occurred outside a residence located on the 400 block of Ave B in La Marque, Texas. Law enforcement received a call for help in the late hours of the night and quickly responded to the scene. Upon arrival, they discovered a pregnant woman who had been shot in the back of her head.

Upon examining the crime scene, it was discovered that numerous shell casings had been fired, indicating a substantial discharge of firearms in the area. While it was determined that the projectile entered the house from an external source, investigators are still working to pinpoint the exact cause of the incident.

During their investigation, authorities have obtained surveillance footage depicting a silver vehicle that is believed to be linked to the incident. However, no suspects have been officially identified yet, and the reason for the shooting is still unknown.

According to court records, it’s important to note that this residence was recently raided for drugs, resulting in the arrest and charging of two individuals involved in the operation earlier this month.

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