Police Investigating After Video Shows Ohio Officer Hitting And Tasing Man Alleged Of Stealing

Wagswoofs –  A new video shows a police officer punching and tasing a guy accused of stealing Pokémon cards from an Ohio Meijer.

Westerville police are currently conducting an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the arrest.

Our news partner, WBNS in Columbus, has obtained video footage that captures the suspect blatantly disregarding the instructions given by the officers.

The officer instructed the individual in the body camera footage to exit the vehicle.

The officers removed him from the vehicle.

The investigation is supported by the President of the local Fraternal Order of Police.

According to Brian Steel, the acting President of the Fraternal Order of Police, the officer is alone in this situation and there is a weapon involved. He emphasizes that there is usually a weapon present when an officer is involved. Steel also points out that the person the officer is dealing with has already shown signs of wanting to harm the officer. Thus, the officer is now engaged in a struggle to gain control over the situation.

The Westerville Police Department has announced that it will conduct an investigation into the officer’s actions to assess whether excessive force was used.

Upon searching the suspect’s vehicle, officers discovered what seemed to be illicit substances as well as various stolen items.

According to a case report, WBNS reveals that the suspect, Ernest Fields, confessed to using fentanyl on the day in question.

Fields was also being sought for a felony warrant on charges of arson in Franklin County.

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