Police: ‘odd’ Wife Laughed As Her Dying Husband Was Transported To Hospital Following Staged Fall

Wagswoofs – Alison Kelly Davis has been accused of killing her husband, Kevin Ray Davis, at their residence in New Haven, Indiana, according to law enforcement officials.

According to the authorities in New Haven, Indiana, a woman displayed unusual and inappropriate behavior when paramedics arrived at her residence to attend to her critically ill husband.

Authorities detailed in court documents that 33-year-old Alison Kelly Davis was observed laughing with medics and displaying a lack of concern for her husband’s injuries. This information was obtained from court documents accessed by Fort Wayne CBS affiliate WANE.

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In a probable cause affidavit, authorities stated that they believe and have evidence to support that the Defendant intentionally and knowingly caused the death of Kevin Davis, due to the nature of the injury and the Defendant’s inconsistent statements.

According to records, she was taken into custody on Friday and is currently being held at the Allen County Jail without bond.

Alison Davis apparently shared various accounts regarding the circumstances leading to her husband’s fall down the stairs. Investigators assert that she claimed they had been drinking at a bar before returning home around 1 a.m. Following an argument, she decided to sleep downstairs while her husband went upstairs to bed. However, she allegedly recounted hearing a sudden “thud” and discovered him lying at the foot of the stairs.

According to Kevin Davis’ mother, Alison Davis informed her that Kevin Davis had not consumed any alcohol that night. Additionally, the defendant reportedly confided in her brother-in-law that she was in bed with their dog while her husband walked around the house.

Alison Davis does not have a defense lawyer, according to online records.

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