Police Officer from NYPD Overwhelmed with Emotions After Saving Man Threatening to Jump from Overpass: ‘I Understand Your Struggles’

As he desperately tried to talk a suicidal man off the edge of a Manhattan overpass, an NYPD officer couldn’t hold back his emotions and broke down in tears, repeatedly pleading with the man, “I’ve been in your shoes, man.”

On Wednesday, the police made public the bodycam footage of a heart-wrenching 40-minute encounter that took place on October 5th. During the encounter, officers Carl Fayette and Eleodoro Mata pleaded with a man not to jump as he leaned dangerously over the elevated Riverside Drive in Manhattanville.

In the video, Fayette empathetically addresses the viewer saying, “I’ve been in your shoes, man. It’s not worth it,” before adding, “I’ve been in your shoes, brother, and there are solutions. There is a way to ensure you get out of this situation.”

In the video clip released by the NYPD, Fayette can be seen offering assistance to the man and informing him of the available resources. The clip lasts for three minutes.

Fayette assures the man that he is a good person and promises to do everything possible to assist him. He pleads with him to heed his words.

As the man clings onto the fence on the outside of the overpass, Fayette utters words of reassurance, “Your life matters to me and I genuinely care about you.”

The man is implored by Mata to reconsider his actions.

Mata offers her help and reassurance, reminding the struggling individual that there are many resources available. She emphasizes that they are not alone in this and that they will receive support from everyone. Mata affirms the person’s strength, recalling words of encouragement from Carl, and believes that they can overcome their challenges with assistance. She urges the individual to return and seek the help they need.

While the man on the overpass bends over from the waist, Fayette remains calm and continues to offer words of comfort.

Fayette expresses his profound admiration for the beauty of life, the sun, and his fellow man, stating, “Life is beautiful. The sun is beautiful. You are beautiful, man.” He passionately implores his brother not to give up on him.

The man was quickly cornered by the NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit, who swiftly apprehended him with cheers and applause heard in the background of the video.

Fayette drops down to a crouching position, overwhelmed with emotion as tears stream down his face. His feelings spill out uncontrollably, leaving him in a state of deep distress.

As the man stands there, shaken and emotional, two officers approach him with compassion. One of them places a comforting hand on his shoulder and praises him for his exceptional performance. The words of encouragement help ease the man’s distress, even if only slightly.

The men received praise from Capt. Jose Tavares, commander of the 26th precinct.

On X, Tavares posted a photo of two officers and shared that they had spoken to a man with genuine empathy, assuring him that they cared and that help was available. With the assistance of @NYPDSpecialops, the man was able to receive the necessary help.

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