Police Report: 6 Killed And 3 Injured In A Series Of Attacks Across 2 Texas Communities

Wagswoofs – Police have reported that a suspect has been taken into custody and charged with capital murder following a series of homicides and shootings that occurred across two Texas communities on Tuesday. Tragically, six people lost their lives, while three others sustained injuries in these incidents.

According to authorities, a tragic incident took place in Austin on Tuesday, resulting in the loss of four lives and the injury of two police officers. It is believed that the suspect also took the lives of his parents in the San Antonio area.

The suspect in the case has been identified by the police as Shane James Jr. Furthermore, the authorities have also released the names of the victims involved in the incident in San Antonio. They have been identified as Shane James Sr., aged 56, and Phyllis James, aged 55.

During a news conference on Wednesday afternoon, Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar revealed that James, a 34-year-old individual, is under suspicion of using a “large caliber handgun” to kill his parents. The tragic incident is believed to have taken place between 10 p.m. on Monday and 9 a.m. on Tuesday. However, the bodies were not discovered until Tuesday evening.

The authorities have urged residents in the neighborhood to review their doorbell camera footage during the specified time frame to help identify the location where the victims were killed. “While the exact whereabouts of these victims during that period remain unknown, we kindly request those residing in the area to diligently check their doorbell camera videos,” an official stated.

In Austin, the Austin Police Department has identified the deceased as Emmanuel Pop Ba and Sabrina Rahman, along with two other individuals who have yet to be identified by the police. Tragically, they lost their lives at separate locations.

Interim Austin Police Chief Robin Henderson informed reporters on Wednesday morning that the suspect had been apprehended following a high-speed vehicle crash. This incident occurred after the suspect engaged in a shootout with a police officer, resulting in the officer sustaining multiple gunshot wounds.

According to her, the day was marked by a series of violent incidents that started in the morning and continued well into the evening.

The law enforcement authorities are in communication with the Travis County District Attorney’s Office.

“We are deeply saddened by the shooting victims, injured officers, their families, and the communities affected by yesterday’s senseless and tragic gun violence,” expressed José Garza’s office in a heartfelt statement.

According to Garza, the suspect is expected to remain in custody pending trial.

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