Police Report: Teen Found Dead Between Cars Of E Train In Queens

Wagswoofs – Police reported that a young man, aged 19, was discovered deceased on Tuesday evening in Queens, located between the carriages of a northbound E train.

Around 9 p.m., authorities discovered the teenager in a state of unconsciousness, non-responsiveness, and bleeding from the head at the Sutphin Boulevard/Archer Avenue station in Jamaica, during the stop of the train.

Police reported that he was taken to Jamaica Medical Center by first responders, and was pronounced dead upon arrival.

According to officials from the NYPD, there are no suspicions of criminal activity involved in the teenager’s death. Based on the injuries sustained, it appears that he was struck by something on the train while it was in motion.

The reason behind his decision to ride between the cars remains unclear.

As of Wednesday morning, authorities are still investigating the cause of death of the teenager. The Medical Examiner is currently involved in determining the exact circumstances surrounding the tragic incident.

Officials are currently notifying the family of the unnamed teenager, and as such, his name has not yet been made public.

In a statement released on Wednesday, NYC Transit President Richard Davey expressed his deep concern over the recent tragedy and emphasized that it could have been prevented. He stated that the public information campaign, which was launched earlier this summer, had already highlighted the importance of safety measures. According to Davey, the campaign included a message that resonated with young people: “Ride Inside, Stay Alive.”

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