Police Report: Venezuelan Migrant Dead After Shooting In Ne Dc Gas Station Parking Lot

Wagswoofs – According to police, a Venezuelan migrant was shot and killed in a gas station parking lot in northeast DC.

The family of Carlos Javier Blanco Fernandez, a Venezuelan refugee, is mourning his death following a shooting that occurred in a gas station parking lot in Northeast D.C.

According to officials from the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), a migrant from Venezuela who was transported by bus from Texas to D.C. tragically lost their life on Thursday evening during a shooting incident in Northeast.

According to officials, Carlos Javier Blanco Fernandez, who was 38 years old, was fatally shot while working on his car in the parking lot of an Exxon gas station located in the 2200 block of New York Avenue. The incident occurred at approximately 5:30 p.m.

According to 7News, Blanco Fernandez was one of the refugees who arrived in the District via bus in September, as reported by his family members.

Officials reported that while he was working on his car, a van pulled up and an individual opened fire.

Fernandez’s car was present at the scene until Friday afternoon. However, his friends were able to repair it to a certain extent, allowing them to move it from a parking lot.

According to Jacqueline Manning, the ANC Commissioner for the New York Bladensburg area, the recent homicide in the Exxon parking lot was not unexpected. She stated that the area has become a popular spot for migrants to gather, and the city has made little effort to monitor the influx of refugees from Texas.

According to Manning, people are indulging in activities such as getting haircuts and engaging in public sexual behavior behind the wall. He also mentioned that there is a considerable amount of litter and heavy drinking going on in the area.

At present, the police have not identified any suspects in the case. However, individuals residing and employed in the vicinity have mentioned altercations breaking out in the parking lot. They have pointed out that the parking lot has become a spot where refugees staying in nearby shelters often gather.

DC Councilmember Zachary Parker stated that the increasing violence in the city cannot be attributed to the arrival of migrants. He emphasized that this is just one aspect of a larger issue, and the primary concern is the absence of a safety plan for the residents.

Manning emphasized that situations can quickly spiral out of control when people don’t understand what’s happening, have conflicts with one another, and alcohol or other factors are involved. It’s like opening Pandora’s Box, where anything can happen.

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