Police Take Man Into Custody in AL After He Attempts to Sell Jewelry With a Woman in the Back Seat

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In Alabama, a man was apprehended for attempting to sell jewelry to someone while a woman sat in the backseat during their travels. The individual refused to purchase the jewelry and alerted the authorities. This incident took place on September 30, 2023. Gunici Ionut, the man involved, will now have to provide an explanation to the authorities to clarify his relationship with the woman or face the consequences decided by Alabama based on the details of the event.

Rocket City Now reported that according to Gunici, he and the woman were on vacation and traveling through Alabama when they were pulled over. Gunici told the police that he had no intention of selling the woman. A statement released on Facebook gave further details about the incident.

The complainant advised a newer model white Cadillac Escalade stopped him in the parking lot and the male driver tried to sell him jewelry with a young female that was in the backseat. The complainant declined, called the police, the vehicle was pulled over. After further investigation, the driver, Gunici Ionut, was arrested and charged with Promoting P**********n. The Department of Human Resources responded and took custody of the female.

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