Poll indicates Ron DeSantis underwater in Florida

According to recent polls in Florida, Ron DeSantis has lost favor with voters in the state, which is a surprising change from his successful re-election just a year ago.

According to a recent poll by Cygnal, which surveyed 800 likely General Election voters, Florida’s Governor has a 50% disapproval rating and a 47% approval rating. Florida Politics was the first to report these findings.

According to a recent poll conducted from Nov. 11 to 13, while Governor DeSantis still maintains a favorable rating among 85% of Republican registrants and 87% of those who voted for Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election, there are some sub-groups who have started to sour on him early in his second term.

Women aged 55 and above disapprove of him the most, with a disapproval rating of 58%. Additionally, women who have attended college have an unfavorable rating of 61% towards him.

In Orlando, Tampa, and South Florida, his approval ratings are low, putting him in a difficult position. However, his ratings are better in North Florida, where he enjoys a 54% approval rating.

According to the poll, Governor DeSantis, who often boasts about his ability to beat Joe Biden in the upcoming Presidential Election, seems to be losing favor among independent voters. In fact, a majority of 58% of independent voters now view DeSantis negatively.

Urban and suburban voters are not being swayed by his message, as evidenced by the 58% and 55% disapproval rates, respectively. However, in small towns, the story is quite different, with 56% of voters showing their approval for him.

Regrettably for DeSantis, it seems that the Cygnal poll is not an exception.

According to a recent survey conducted by Florida Atlantic University, Governor DeSantis has received a 50% approval rating, barely staying afloat, while 49% of the participants disapprove of his performance. Although the survey did not show him sinking, it revealed that his popularity is waning.

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