Prosecutor Collaborates With Plaza Stores To Crack Down On Shoplifting

Wagswoofs –  The holiday season hasn’t exactly put retail merchants in a festive mood.

Retail stores on the Country Club Plaza are receiving assistance from Jackson County prosecutors in efforts to combat theft. Collaborating with the Kansas City police, they aim to alleviate the concerns of store managers regarding shoplifters.

The holiday shopping season often brings an increase in theft for most retail stores.

The Jackson County Prosecutor’s office reports that thefts on the Plaza are lower compared to similar shopping centers nationwide.

As the holiday shopping season kicks into gear, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker is calling for stricter measures to address this issue.

In October, Baker’s office took the initiative to inform Plaza merchants about the implementation of a more efficient system for providing surveillance videos to law enforcement and prosecutors. Additionally, Baker has been actively advocating for expediting legal proceedings related to shoplifting cases.

Baker also mentioned to FOX4 that there has been a focus on addressing the issue of gun owners bringing weapons into stores where they are not allowed.

Missouri law prohibits entering stores where firearms are prohibited. Baker points out that unintentional gun crimes can occur in such environments, as people may make poor decisions.

“It’s making a difference. We’ve identified several potential cases where we’ve proactively contacted the police and requested that they prioritize these cases. This way, we can provide them with specific guidance on the necessary information needed to proceed with filing the case,” Baker shared during an interview with FOX4 on Friday.”

In a series of alarming incidents, shoplifting attempts in our city have taken a dangerous turn. Travis Miller, a 30-year-old man, is now facing charges of robbery and armed criminal action in Platte County. According to the Kansas City police, Miller shot an employee while trying to steal from a Rally House store in the Northland area on November 22nd.

Deserae Minor, the owner of KC Style Haus, has noticed a significant increase in shoplifting incidents over the past year. In response, Minor has taken proactive measures by investing in multiple anti-theft systems to deter potential criminals.

Minor expressed his understanding that the issue at hand will not be resolved instantly. He acknowledged the efforts being made by the relevant parties to address the problem and implement new strategies for its resolution.

In 2022, the prosecutor’s office organized a shoplifting prevention effort, and now, Minor and other merchants are of the belief that more needs to be done.

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