Prosecutor in Georgia rejects Trump lawyer’s accusation that proposed August trial date constitutes election tampering

wagswoofs – Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, leading the Georgia election subversion case against former President Donald Trump and his allies, dismissed the notion that holding a trial in August would constitute “election interference,” as asserted by Trump’s attorney. Willis deemed such a claim as “ridiculous.”

During a pretrial hearing, Trump’s attorney Steve Sadow argued that if Trump were to win the 2024 election, his trial in Fulton County should be postponed until after he left office.

Georgia prosecutors responded to Sadow’s claim that holding a trial in August would be considered “election interference.” They made it clear that they had no intention of getting involved in the presidential election.

During an event honoring Black Americans held by the digital media publisher The Root in New York, Willis addressed Sadow’s claim and expressed her disagreement with it when CNN reporters approached her.

When asked about Sadow’s claims, Willis expressed his disbelief, stating, “I think it’s ridiculous. We’ve been conducting that investigation since 2021. The investigation has followed its natural course and has brought us to this point.”

Sadow provided a written statement to CNN in response to Willis’ comments.

According to Trump’s Georgia attorney, it is absolutely absurd for Willis, the DA in Fulton County, GA, to seek large sums of money from left-wing democrats in Washington D.C. and NYC while insisting that her prosecution of President Trump is not politically motivated.

Fulton County prosecutors are aiming to start the trial of Trump and his co-defendants in early August. This timing could potentially coincide with the peak of his presidential election campaign, in the event that he secures the Republican nomination.

According to CNN, the date for the trial will be determined by the judge, not the district attorney’s office. In a statement, the district attorney, Fani Willis, explained that they have requested the trial date to be respectful of other jurisdictions where one of the defendants needs to be present.

During the court proceedings last week, Sadow argued that if Trump, who is currently leading in the GOP race, were to be reelected, the trial would not take place until after his term of office has ended. This is based on the Supremacy Clause and its obligation to the President of the United States.

The indictment against Trump and 18 co-defendants is a significant development in the ongoing legal battles surrounding the 2020 presidential election. This historic indictment includes felony racketeering charges and accuses them of attempting to overturn the election results. It is just one of several criminal cases that the former president is currently facing.

Since the indictment, prosecutors have reached plea deals with four co-defendants, including three of his former attorneys. These individuals have agreed to testify against Trump in exchange for avoiding jail time. However, the remaining 15 defendants, including Trump himself, maintain their plea of not guilty.

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