Renowned Restaurant In Altoona Set To Close On Dec. 31 And Reopen In A New Location Next Year

Wagswoofs – Vincenzo “Vinny” Scolaro, the owner of Villa Capri at 101 E. Second Ave. since February 2010, has announced that he will be closing the current location on Dec. 31 and relocating to Scotch Valley.

“I made the decision to close the restaurant because this new location offers a better opportunity. The facility is newer and more appealing, making it ideal for hosting weddings and social events. I’m feeling a mix of excitement and anxiety, but I can’t wait to finally open our doors.”

About two years ago, Scolaro purchased a house located just across from the country club. During this time, he formed a friendship with DeGol. Recently, DeGol approached Scolaro with a proposition, asking him to contemplate relocating the restaurant to Scotch Valley.

DeGol mentioned that the club had been operating without a restaurant since 2019, a year before the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

“We are confident that we have found the perfect individual to oversee the operations and provide our members with the exceptional service they deserve,” DeGol expressed. “Not only does he create his own delectable sauces, but all the food is made from scratch.”

Villa Capri at Scotch Valley is now open to the public, allowing everyone to experience its delightful offerings. However, guests who wish to enjoy alcoholic beverages will need to obtain a social membership, available for a nominal fee of $10 per year. This membership will not only grant access to the exquisite dining experience but also enhance the overall social ambiance of the club.

“This development is a significant milestone for Scotch Valley,” he exclaimed. He proudly mentioned that the club boasts over 400 golfing members and aims to reach the impressive target of 500 social members. “We are making great progress towards achieving our goal,” he added with enthusiasm.

DeGol is eagerly anticipating the opening of the restaurant and is thrilled to see it come to fruition. He envisions Scotch Valley as a family-friendly establishment, encouraging customers to bring their loved ones, including spouses and children, to enjoy a delicious dinner. DeGol believes that the restaurant offers high-quality homemade cuisine at an affordable price, making it a popular choice among patrons. The food has garnered a loyal fanbase due to its exceptional taste, while the prices remain reasonable and accessible to all.

The club is set to enhance its social atmosphere with the reopening of the restaurant and ballroom. According to DeGol, there will be various events such as weddings, social gatherings, and a Mother’s Day buffet. He anticipates that these additions will greatly improve the club’s social experience.

Villa Capri will keep its menu and prices unchanged, but they will introduce a new lunch menu.

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