Restaurant Franchise In KC Area Changes Tipping Policy For Servers

Wagswoofs – A letter to employees has recently surfaced, causing a restaurant franchise with locations on both sides of the state line to face backlash on social media. The franchise is currently in hot water due to this incident.

Servers often have to bear the burden of processing fees when customers use credit cards to leave tips.

Twin Peaks employees find themselves on both sides of the change.

An employee of Twin Peaks has recently forwarded a letter to FOX4. The letter, addressed to the “3B Lodge Employees,” specifically pertains to the Twin Peaks restaurants located in Kansas City, Independence, Olathe, and Wichita, as confirmed by a manager.

Starting this year, the restaurants will begin implementing a tip refund for credit card processing fees on specific credit card transactions, according to the letter.

Servers will have a 2.5% refund deducted from their final checkout for each dollar in tips received through Visa, Discover, and Mastercard. If the tips are received through American Express, a 3.25% refund will be deducted.

Twin Peaks server Isabella Palkowitsh mentioned that the tip amount usually averages around 25 cents for every $10 spent.

According to a manager at the Independence location, the practice of girls claiming 100% of credit card tips has been revised. Now, they only claim 90% to compensate for the approximately 2% that gets charged back.

According to her, the change has been well-received by her employees, including Palkowitsh.

Palkowitsh reassured, “We have other ways within the company to get it made up. They take good care of us in that regard, so I’m not too concerned about it, to be honest.”

In a recent interview with FOX4, another employee at the Kansas City location expressed her discontent with the changes. Although she preferred not to appear on camera, she made it clear that she was not pleased with the situation.

According to the server, the company plans to pass on their business expenses to their employees who rely on tips for their livelihood.

Al Rettenmaier, a member of the community, expressed his understanding of the concerns.

Rettenmaier expressed concern about the situation, stating, “That’s not good. I believe the servers should be compensated for their tips as much as possible, ideally 100%.”

The policy regarding the hit servers only applies to credit card tips, not cash tips.

Rettenmaier mentioned that he never carries cash.

The owners of Twin Peaks declined to comment on the matter. However, in their letter, they attribute the decision to increasing operating expenses and emphasize that they did not make this choice without careful consideration.

According to the manager of Independence, they have recently introduced an ATM within their restaurant. Palkowitsh is urging customers to consider tipping with cash.

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