Ron DeSantis agrees with RFK devotee who wants Secret Service protection

During a discussion about the Governor’s security arrangements, a man from Manchester referred to a presidential assassination that occurred in 1968 to make his point.

During a recent event in New Hampshire, Ron DeSantis engaged with his supporters and responded to a man in Manchester who expressed his concern that the Republican presidential candidate should have Secret Service protection. DeSantis agreed with the man’s opinion on the matter.

During his Never Back Down town hall event, DeSantis acknowledged that, as Governor of Florida, he was entitled to a detail under state law. The audience member went on to mention that the last assassination of a presidential candidate occurred over 55 years ago with Robert F. Kennedy, Sr. He also believed that DeSantis was a prominent enough candidate to warrant such protection.

“He’s corrupt and not doing what he should do,” said the speaker, suggesting that President Joe Biden should be called out.

In an apparent effort to steer the conversation away from such a discussion, DeSantis expressed his agreement and used the word “great.”

Throughout his campaign, Governor DeSantis has been under the protection of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. This was particularly evident during a noteworthy incident when there was an automobile accident involving cars in his motorcade in Tennessee. The Governor was on his way to fundraisers for his presidential campaign at the time.

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