Ron DeSantis rolls out food drive as part of his campaign, In attempt to reboot New Hampshire campaign

Hungry Floridians won’t benefit, but the Governor’s 2024 campaign will.

It’s reassuring to learn that Governor Ron DeSantis is spearheading a food drive, even though Floridians grappling with food insecurity have to fend for themselves this week.

That’s the good news.

Unfortunately for them, the location happens to be in a different state.

On Tuesday’s episode of “Fox and Friends,” DeSantis shared that a massive canned food drive was taking place in New Hampshire. The donations would be made to the New Hampshire Food Bank. As Thanksgiving is around the corner, DeSantis reminded Americans that the current economic situation has caused many to struggle, and it’s imperative for everyone to do their part.

Governor DeSantis of Florida is aware of the high inflation rates that have hit the state. However, he is focusing his attention on the states where he needs the votes urgently when it comes to addressing the issue of the cost of living. He has also expressed his concern about the increasing prices in Iowa.

In September, during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “America Reports,” DeSantis shared his experiences of talking to voters from different parts of the country. He recounted an incident where a family from Iowa expressed their concern about the high cost of groceries. According to DeSantis, the family said that the items they picked up at the grocery store rang up so quickly that they had to remove some of them from their shopping cart due to the high cost.

The DeSantises are a family that takes economic issues seriously. In fact, First Lady Casey DeSantis has been vocal about her concerns regarding the economy. She has pointed the finger at “Bidenomics” for her recent purchase of $2 t-shirts for her children at Walmart.

On Tuesday, the Governor will be visiting the Granite State and headlining a noon town hall event at the Executive Court Banquet Center in Manchester. The event will be attended by Governor Chris Sununu. Following this, he will be making his way to a second town hall in Keene which will begin at 6 p.m. and take place at Tempesta Restaurant.

According to a recent survey conducted by the University of New Hampshire, Governor DeSantis is facing significant challenges in the Manchester metropolitan area. In this region, his support level is currently at a mere 2%, indicating that there is ample room for improvement.

According to recent polls, the Florida Governor’s popularity has significantly decreased, with him currently polling at below 10% in the state. In the latest survey conducted by the Washington Post-Monmouth, he has dropped to fifth place among New Hampshire GOP Primary voters with only 7% support. In this race, he trails behind Vivek Ramaswamy at 8%, Chris Christie at 11%, Nikki Haley at 18%, and Donald Trump in the lead with a whopping 46% support.

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