Roommates use the Internet to trace down a missing New York City man

As per Liv and Lisa Brock, the married roommates of Steven Edwards, he appeared to be perfectly fine when he left his apartment in the Lower East Side on September 2nd without any indication of any trouble.

Liv Brock shared that the new employee was scheduled to join her team on September 5th, right after Labor Day. She was taken aback when she received news that he had not attended the orientation session as planned.

According to Brock, Steven Edwards, a 32-year-old candidate, had aced his job interview at the Union Square Travel Agency, which happens to be a brand new marijuana dispensary.

Upon realizing that Edwards had not returned home, Brock and Lisa attempted to access his email account as his laptop was left behind.

Liv Brock mentioned that they were able to view the Uber receipts and Cash App activity. Despite their attempts to contact the person, through texts and calls, his phone was disconnected.

Lisa and her husband, the Brocks, began to notice that Steven Edwards, who used to walk to save money, was now taking Uber rides all over the Bronx. They became curious when they saw that he would frequently return to an address on Daly Avenue. Lisa decided to do some investigating and Googled the address to try and figure out what was going on.

Brock pointed out that when searching for the address on Daly Avenue, there is a noticeable Assamese restaurant called Help Me Help You.

Upon clicking the link provided for the address, Brock discovered that the supposed restaurant was nowhere to be found and instead, only apartment buildings were present.

According to the Brocks, the menus were present, but it felt more like they were promoting humans for sale.

The roommates attempted to report Steven Edwards missing on September 10th at Manhattan’s 9th Precinct. However, the police officer they spoke with didn’t seem to believe that Edwards was truly missing.

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Edwards took pride in his identity and often referred to himself as a #bitchqueen on his Instagram profile. He enjoyed sharing videos of himself dancing, showcasing his unique personality and love for self-expression.

After spending his childhood in Jersey City under the guidance of his father, Grover Edwards, Steven eventually relocated to the Lower East Side three years ago.

On September 18th, the father arrived in Manhattan following a visit to Daly Avenue in the Bronx with the Brocks. Their concern about Steven’s location remained high.

Upon dialing 911, the Brocks’ apartment was quickly attended to by the police from the 9th Precinct.

Steven’s father expressed his frustration with the repeated claims that his son, who is 32 years old, is not a missing person.

After some reluctance, the police finally accepted the report and appointed a detective to investigate the case.

According to Grover Edwards, his child is nothing less than a human being. He firmly believes that regardless of any situation, his child deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. This statement highlights the unconditional love and compassion that a parent has for their child, no matter what.

In order to persuade the officers to file the report, the father appealed to their sense of family.

Grover Edwards expressed his anguish over the disappearance of his only child and son. He revealed that he is unable to concentrate on anything and is unable to sleep at night. The pain of not knowing his son’s whereabouts is taking a toll on him every day. In his heart and mind, he strongly believes that his son is being held against his will.

One day, Edwards’ roommates began to notice some unusual expenditures from his Cash App account, specifically for cereal and cigarettes. Over time, the transactions became more frequent and the amounts being exchanged began to increase, sometimes reaching as high as $150 or $160.

The Brocks utilized social media platforms to share flyers and raise awareness about Edwards’ disappearance. In addition, they contacted the Black and Missing Foundation located near Washington, D.C. for assistance. The organization then reached out to PIX11 News to help spread the word.

When Edwards’ story was announced by PIX11 News this week, Steven’s father took it upon himself to travel to Daly Avenue in the Bronx. He went there to put up flyers near the address that was prominently mentioned in the Uber receipts.

According to Grover Edwards, he recently received a call from a person who sounded like his son. He promptly reached out to PIX11 News to share this sudden development.

According to the father, he expressed his desire to see his son firsthand before he can be convinced that everything is alright.

Roommates turn into web sleuths to track missing NYC man

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