San Benito Woman Charged With Assaulting 5-year-old Girl During Argument

Wagswoofs – According to the Cameron County Sheriff’s Office, a 22-year-old woman from San Benito has been arrested and is currently in custody. The incident occurred when she threw her 5-year-old relative to the floor and proceeded to shake her in the presence of deputies.

According to a news release, Destiny Marie Navarro allegedly kicked and struck the deputies who responded to the scene.

On Sunday at approximately 11 a.m., deputies from the sheriff’s office swiftly arrived at the 17000 block of FM 800 in San Benito in response to a report of assault made by the victim’s mother.

In a news release, the victim’s mother said that her niece, Navarro, was holding the 5-year-old girl while she was having a fight with her grandma.

“The victim’s mother reported Ms. Navarro threw the victim towards the floor, causing the victim to hit her head and back area on the living room floor,” the release added.

Upon the arrival of the deputies, Navarro maintained his grip on the girl.

“Navarro then began to shake the victim, causing the victim’s head to move back and forth, potentially causing further injury,” the release stated. “Deputies intervened by physically removing the victim from Ms. Navarro’s grasp. Ms. Navarro then proceeded to strike and kick the deputies multiple times, causing minor injuries.”

Navarro was taken into custody after authorities discovered an ongoing investigation that uncovered an outstanding warrant for her arrest on charges related to family violence. She was subsequently detained and is now facing charges of injury to a child, continuous family violence, and assault of a public servant.

She is currently in custody and will remain there until her arraignment.

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