School Guard Fired From School After Leaving Gun In Restroom

Wagswoofs – An elementary school security guard in northern Texas has lost his job for forgetting something important.

The security guard assigned to Story Elementary School in Allen ISD inadvertently left his firearm behind in the adult bathroom.

According to a letter sent home to parents by Principal Claudia Harrison, a teacher entered the restroom just a little over a minute after a security officer had left and discovered a firearm. The teacher quickly informed the Story administration, and an Allen police officer, who happened to be on campus, promptly collected the weapon.

According to Harrison, there was never any danger to the children.

According to Harrison, there were no students who entered the staff restroom during that period, and everyone inside the building, including the students and staff, were safe.

The guard’s identity was not disclosed by Harrison, however, he confirmed that the guard would not return.

Harrison stated that the security officer has been relieved of any current or future responsibilities within Allen ISD.

L&P Global Security employed the officer, as mandated by a new state law that requires Allen ISD and other districts to have armed security.

The guard has been terminated by the company.

According to Charles Hollis, the Vice President of Operations, the security guard was dismissed for an unjustified action. Hollis stated that the guard had no prior issues and was considered a good employee. However, the company has a zero-tolerance policy for such behavior and therefore, had to take action. “If you do it without threat or cause and we find out about it, we dismiss you automatically, and that’s what happened with this guard,” Hollis explained.

According to Hollis, although the guard had good intentions, his conduct was not acceptable.

Hollis explained that their guard had mistakenly believed that his gun might fall to the ground while using the bathroom and thus hung his gun belt up. However, it was important to note that with Level III holsters, there was no risk of the gun dropping to the ground. Therefore, the issue needed to be addressed to ensure that such misunderstandings did not occur in the future.

According to Hollis, as a result of this incident, all guards will be receiving extra training.

Hollis stated that they have implemented various protocols to ensure safety. The existing protocols have been updated and made more detailed to enhance their effectiveness. The tweaks made to the protocols will be immediately implemented, and all current and incoming guards will be required to adhere to them.

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