Secaucus Pd: Kidnappers Tied Victim In U-haul For Hours Due To Unpaid Drug Debt

Wagswoofs – According to the police, a member of an illegal drug distribution network was abducted at knifepoint in Jersey City back in June 2023. The reason behind the kidnapping was that the victim owed money to Erica Festino, another member of the same drug ring. The victim was tied up and taken around Hudson County in the back of a U-Haul truck for several hours, during which he was robbed of his cash and personal belongings. Fortunately, the victim was eventually released by the kidnappers.

In October, Festino was taken into custody by the North Bergen police on charges of kidnapping and robbery. Upon searching her residence, the police discovered a large amount of methamphetamine, Adderall, Ritalin, and other drug paraphernalia. Apart from this, phony credit cards, IDs, and social security cards were also found. The police arrested three other individuals in connection with the drug and fraud offenses at her residence.

According to the authorities, Louis Governara, a 49-year-old individual from Jersey City, and Roberto Lascano, a 37-year-old resident of West New York, are being sought by the police for their alleged participation in a kidnapping incident.

According to the authorities, police arrested three men in September for their involvement in operating a meth and fentanyl ring. The police conducted an undercover operation and confiscated over five ounces of methamphetamine, cocaine, and Fentanyl pills. The investigation received assistance from Homeland Security, which aided in the seizure of additional fentanyl.

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