Sidney Powell alleges rigging in the 2020 election and accuses prosecutors of ‘extortion’ following her guilty plea for election interference

  • Sidney Powell pleaded guilty to election interference in Georgia’s criminal case last week.
  • On social media, she has continued to push claims that the 2020 election was rigged and prosecutors target conservatives.
  • Her organization’s newsletter urged her followers to read an article arguing the DA “extorted a guilty plea from Powell.”

Despite pleading guilty to interfering in the 2020 presidential election, Sidney Powell still maintains her belief that President Joe Biden’s victory was illegitimate.

Powell persists in asserting on her social media platforms that the 2020 election was rigged and the prosecutors who filed the criminal case against her in Georgia are driven by political motives. Her dark money organization’s newsletter has disseminated pieces claiming that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis “extorted” her guilty plea.

As part of the sprawling RICO lawsuit against Donald Trump and his allies, Sidney Powell is a co-defendant in Willis’ case. The lawsuit revolves around the group’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia. Initially, Powell was one of the lawyers representing Trump, along with Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis (who recently pleaded guilty). They formed the “Elite Strike Force” team of lawyers that challenged Trump’s election loss.

In the indictment, Powell has been accused of various charges including racketeering, tampering with election equipment, stealing voter data, and lying to public officials about it. The charges highlight that she and Trump had a meeting in December 2020 at the White House to discuss strategies for overturning the election. Additionally, Powell filed her own lawsuits which were full of conspiracies and typos, attempting to overturn the election results in four swing states, but all of them were unsuccessful.

During her hearing on Thursday, Powell admitted to six charges connected to her plan to manipulate election equipment and unlawfully acquire voter data in Coffee County.

Despite facing numerous controversies, including ongoing defamation lawsuits from election technology companies Dominion and Smartmatic, Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn’t seem to have changed her stance.

She shared posts on X, previously known as Twitter, claiming that the 2020 election was rigged and expressing her belief that law enforcement was biased against conservatives.

During the weekend, Powell expressed her frustration in a post where she criticized Trump’s inability to maintain attorney-client privilege. Additionally, she shared a survey that highlighted the belief of several Democrats that cheating played a role in the outcome of the 2020 election.

In a recent post, she urged her followers to tune in to “Police State,” a recently released film by conservative advocate Dinesh D’Souza. The movie puts forth the argument that law enforcement has shown prejudice against former President Donald Trump, who currently faces four criminal cases.

Powell took to social media to express her enthusiasm for the movie, urging her followers to watch it. In her post, she emphasized the significance and frightful truth behind the film. Powell also made sure to tag prominent right-wing media personalities, including catturd2, Dan Bongino, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Trump pardoned D’Souza after he had pleaded guilty to making an illegal campaign contribution.

In a recent social media post, Powell shared a video originally posted by Tim Fitton, the founder of the right-wing organization called Judicial Watch. Fitton has been known to provide legal advice to the former President Donald Trump. In the video, Fitton argued that Trump is being targeted for simply challenging the results of the election, which he ultimately lost to Biden.

On her X profile, she has a graph posted that implies Georgia received an unprecedented number of ballots for Democrats in the final hours. However, it is important to note that Biden’s victory in the state was confirmed by both a ballot audit and a recount, with a margin of over 11,000 votes.

Powell has been actively promoting posts related to the testimony of a witness in a California disbarment trial against John Eastman. Eastman, a co-defendant in the Atlanta criminal case and a former official of the Trump Justice Department, had attempted to overturn the election results. The California trial is ongoing.

During her promotion, she shared a post claiming that the trial presented ample evidence of election fraud. Furthermore, another post she shared alleged that there was excessive evidence of rigging.

Powell’s newsletter promoted a claim that Willis ‘extorted’ her guilty plea

Defending the Republic’s Substack newsletter, which Powell utilized to finance her lawsuits with dark money, has made even more provocative assertions.

Powell has been promoting newsletters on her Truth Social and Telegram accounts, but it is unclear if she writes them herself as they are unsigned. Despite attempts to reach out to inquire about the newsletters, no one has responded to the email associated with them.

After admitting guilt, the newsletters have been encouraging her supporters to remain steadfast. They are advising followers to peruse and circulate articles and videos on YouTube that contend her admission of guilt was coerced and is a setback for Willis, the district attorney of Fulton County.

In the Saturday newsletter, a quote from a Federalist article alleged that Powell was essentially forced to plead guilty by Willis. The passage, which was emphasized in bold, argued that Powell wouldn’t receive a fair trial with a jury selected from the heavily Democratic Fulton County. Additionally, the newsletter highlighted that the misdemeanors Powell pleaded guilty to would be removed from her record after completing probation.

In her Monday newsletter, Powell directed her followers to the same Federalist article as before. Additionally, she referenced an Epoch Times article that quoted Trump’s attorney Steve Sadow. He claimed that Powell only pleaded guilty due to “pressure” from Willis.

During Powell’s Thursday plea hearing, the arguments contradict her claims as she admitted that her plea was voluntary and that the charges against her had a sufficient factual basis.

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the community.

There was no response from Powell or a representative for the Fulton County district attorney’s office when asked for a comment.

According to Professor Ronald Carlson from the University of Georgia School of Law, it’s uncommon for a cooperating witness to make statements like those made by Powell. Typically, a cooperating witness is expected to testify in favor of the prosecution during a trial.

According to Carlson, defendants typically avoid causing any trouble after pleading guilty.

According to Carlson, if a gag order were to be requested on Powell by the district attorney’s office, she would probably assert her right to free speech, much like Trump did in his criminal cases.

According to Carlson, it is probable that the individual is trying to exercise their right to free speech, but they must be cautious not to harm the plea agreement.

During the 2020 election, Powell served as the legal representative for Michael Flynn, the former national security advisor to President Trump. Flynn had previously admitted to lying to the FBI about his interactions with Russia’s ambassador to the United States. Under Powell’s counsel, Flynn sought to retract his guilty plea and was eventually granted a presidential pardon by Trump.

In the event that Trump secures a reelection as president in 2024, he and his co-defendants would be left with limited options to obtain a pardon in the Georgia case. However, in a recent newsletter from Defending the Republic, a Truth Social post from Trump was shared where he lauded Powell for doing a commendable job in representing General Mike Flynn, who he believed was treated unfairly and subjected to government abuse.

In his statement, Trump expressed his belief that the prosecution was unfair despite the evidence presented. He described the convicted individual as an innocent man, stating that many others are facing similar persecution from what he referred to as a “Fascist government.” Trump also took the opportunity to share that he had granted the individual a Full Pardon, which he considered a great honor.

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